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  1. On 30/09/2021 at 18:46, filfoster said:

    OK, so now it's:


    1. Order of the Bath

    2. Order of the Star of India

    3. Order of St George and St. Michael

    4. Victorian Order

    5. Order of the Indian Empire

    6. Order of St. Vladimir

    7. Order of Dannebrog (silver merit cross)

    8. Order of the Redeemer

    9. Prussian Order of the Crown 3rd Class

    10. Austrian 'Marianerkreuz'

    11. Hessian Order of Philip the Magnanimous

    12. Saxe-Ernestine House Order

    13. 2nd Empire Medaille Militaire

    14. French Red Cross 1870-1871

    This about right (for the medal bar in question) i would say but as jimn said, different day, different set-up! 

  2. 30 minutes ago, JohanH said:

    Could the second medal be the russian Order of St George?


    Medal no. 8 (second from the right) is perhaps the Kriegsdenkmünze of 1813?

    The ribbon of the last medal looks Russian to me. It looks almost like the ribbon for the Turkish campaign.

    I would generally agree with this assesment

  3. 12 hours ago, jimn said:

    The Imperial version of the Medaille Militaire is certainly a very attractive decoration. I agree he wore the Imperial version. We need clearer pictures I am searching as well.  Eddie seems to have had many versions of his medal bar!!!  

    I saw a "short" one .worn as KIng  with only British awards.

    Bath/Star of India/St Michael and St George/Indian Empire/Victorian Order/1887 Jubilee with 1897 clasp/Volunteer Decoration/Imperial Service Order.  Court mounted British style. Which is the correct order of wear from 1904.

    Yes as king he tended to wear bars composed of mainly or exclusively british, his son King George v also wore bars with foreign (german) awards, but those also disappeared with the start of ww1 (understandibly i suppose) 

  4. 4 hours ago, jimn said:

    If his Medalile Militare is pre 1870 is it for a state visit of his mother to France in 1855 or 1868?

    I thought later but if it is attributed to him in the Royal Collection then I stand corrected...\

    This is a very interesting subject and because it is royalty we must not expect normal regulations will apply.

    Hi its definately his from the royal collection with attribution, no indication as to why he received it to my knowledge

  5. 1 hour ago, bolewts58 said:



    Very nicely done. The Thais would certainly like those.

    Rama VI was more British than the British. I believe he went to Eton and some of his brothers went to Harrow. His orders and decorations along with those of Rama V and Rama IV are on display at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. They also had a whole rack of Imperial German and Russian Orders. The showcases fill a room.

    Hi thanks, yes I've seen some of the displays of uniforms etc (online)mainly British and Thai, would like to have seen the imperial German ones also


  6. 40 minutes ago, VtwinVince said:

    This is going back awhile, but my ancestor Carl Sigismund Kunth (1788 Leipzig-1850 Berlin) is shown on an indistinct engraving wearing several orders. Does anyone have a Staats-Handbuch or similar with any info on these orders?

    Just looking at the posted image, the ist one looks like order of the red Eagle to my eyes, can't distinguish anything else unfortunately 

  7. Hi, thanks, unfortunately they are not mine, but I research medals and like to have a reference library of images for my own research, I don't unfortunately remember which site I found them on now, quite an attractive simple cross. 

    Interestingly, it's a bit difficult to determine from the image I posted, but I can't determine that the 1849 ribbon is actually being worn, looks like, its only the later campaign ribbon (for both) , I could be wrong


    Regards alex

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