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  1. Some interesting images, thought I'd add my small contribution, a recent pick-up, slightly lighter side of the trenches regards Alex K
  2. Your guess was correct, judging by the number of campaign bars on the ribbon, he was a busy man!
  3. The medal is the British General service medal awarded from 1793,, the suspension device was sometimes quite loosly attached to the "Coin" so it would give the appearance of being off-centre when worn at an angle, a common thing with some british medals. image attached image credit Spink
  4. Sadly this just about sums it up, but to be fair, I have seen some amazing work done on restoring vintage aircraft to their real former glory
  5. Hi, so have I, I've tried searching under every combination so far, Imperial, Prussian, veteran etc etc, I've now started on Weimar period due to the date the photo was taken, still no joy, I'm sure that badge wasn't the only one produced, It'll turn up one day I'm sure normally when you least expect it.
  6. Hi, all thanks for the comments, I'll point my search on that direction, regards Alex
  7. Hi all, does anyone recognise the badge that id being worn,, is it even military in nature, thanks for any help regards
  8. Does anyone have a photo of the "Medaille zum 50. Regierungsjubilaum 1903" by any chance, not familiar with that one?
  9. Hi Unfortunately I don't think it-s that attached enhanced image, the profile is different
  10. Hi, thanks for the speedy reply, simple when you know the answer, I havn't seen this decoration before, i I appreciate your input. as for the web-site, yes I do know it, my mistake was in thinking it was a British medal. regards Alex K
  11. Hi all, I've been doing some private research into the decorations awarded to Prinz Heinrich, and looking at images of his various medal bars, there's one decoration which is driving me mad! attached image, it's the shape which is puzzling me, the first six are Prussian, then unknown, followed by 3 British coronation medals, Austrian , and lastly Japanese, red cross special member. It appears to have a British imperial Crown but I could be wrong, I suspect it may well be some obscure commemorative or anniversary medal, but which country?. I've checked my reference books, but nothing. am I missing the obvious? any help appreciated as usual regards Alex K Edit, correction, British 1 x Golden Jubilee, 2 x Coronation!
  12. Hi all, this is quite an old thread but here goes, did General der Artillerie Theodor Karl Eduard von Bomhard receive either the Max Joseph order Hubertus order during his career, this image, attached seems to show a star which resembles one or the other, (Unless I'm wrong) my looking around has resulted in this list I've located, most tally with what he's wearing, but no mention of either Armeedenkzeichen 1866 (Bayern) Eisernes Kreuz (1870), II. Klasse Jubiläums-Eichenlaub „25“, 1895 Militärverdienstorden (Bayern), Ritterkreuz II. Klasse mit Schwertern und der Kriegsdekoration am 1. November 1870 als Oberleutnant im Königlich Bayerischen 4. Feldartillerie-Regiment „König“ Kriegsdenkmünze für die Feldzüge 1870–71 (Deutsches Reich) mit 7 Gefechtsspangen (die Spangen gab es erst ab 1895) Militärverdienstorden (Bayern), Ritterkreuz I. Klasse ohne Schwerter am 23. Dezember 1883 als Major im Königlich Bayerischen 4. Feldartillerie-Regiment „König“ Verdienstorden der Bayerischen Krone, Ritter Militär-Dienstauszeichnung, II. Klasse für 24 Jahre Verdienstorden vom Heiligen Michael, Komtur II. Klasse Komtur des bayerischen Militärverdienstordens II. Klasse mit Stern Komtur II. Klasse am 27. Dezember 1894 als Generalmajor Stern zum Komtur am 23. Dezember 1898 als Generalleutnant Centenarmedaille, 1897 Komtur des Ritterorden des hl. Mauritius und Lazarus Königlicher Kronen-Orden (Preußen), II. Klasse Schwertorden, Kommandeur II. Klasse Militärverdienstorden (Bayern), I. Klasse am 24. Oktober 1901 Prinzregent-Luitpold-Medaille mit Krone Verdienstorden vom Heiligen Michael, Komtur I. Klasse Franz-Joseph-Orden, Großkreuz attached image in his later years regards
  13. Hi David thanks for the clarification, error on my part due to it being partly covered Regards
  14. Excellent, I think you are correct, well spotted, thanks, interesting it comes in two sizes by the look of it Regards
  15. Hi all, another medal identification request, anyone recognise the indicated medals, all help appreciated as usual regards Alex K
  16. Hi, Chain of office, makes sense now, thanks regards
  17. Hi all, I came across this image, his name escapes me for the moment, however, more to the point, does anyone recognise the collar chain and decoration he's wearing around his shoulders? regards Alex K
  18. Just for the record, a modern copy currently available for comparison
  19. Thanks for the thumbs up! Regards
  20. Hello Elmar thanks for the comments, it's not often you see items in such a well preserved condition after such a length of time, particularly the outer case. regards Alex K
  21. Hi all, just a bit of expertise and advice, seen the attached for sale, for it's age it looks in remarkably mint condition, is it what it seems or is it a well made modern copy? any comments appreciated regards Alex K
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