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  1. This about right (for the medal bar in question) i would say but as jimn said, different day, different set-up!
  2. Same bar, different photo, i think it is s seho It appears to have a special monogram on the upper arm similar to the e grand cross, collar, credit rct, this grand cross is with swords
  3. One final go, found this on the the royal collections trust site, looks to be a bit clearer, all should be recognisable
  4. Yes as king he tended to wear bars composed of mainly or exclusively british, his son King George v also wore bars with foreign (german) awards, but those also disappeared with the start of ww1 (understandibly i suppose)
  5. Hi its definately his from the royal collection with attribution, no indication as to why he received it to my knowledge
  6. Just for interest his french medal militaire from the royal collection attributed to edward vii
  7. Interesting, ive had a look in my medals year book (2019),, the "bible" for british medals, in their unofficial, commemorative section it diesnt appear to be listed
  8. Hi thanks, yes I've seen some of the displays of uniforms etc (online)mainly British and Thai, would like to have seen the imperial German ones also Regards
  9. Just to continue (rama v and rama vi) Very much anglophiles, attached 2 coliurusations I did way back of King rama vi displaying on display very much British style I have ramav v in similar garb somewhere
  10. You could try Quarterdeckmilitaria.com.au They have an extensive portfolio of replicas, hubertus isn't listed but you never know Regards
  11. Hi would this be likely cross he's wearing? Image credit: Romanov Russia.com
  12. OK thanks for the pointer, I'll do some research Regards
  13. You've just beaten me to it! Particularly the cross indicated, any help appreciated
  14. I think the central (white) Cross looks like wurttemberg Friedrichs order, after that germanic or non Russian at least I'm assuming if precedence being observed
  15. A slightly bigger version, definitely a plm an oakleaves to start with
  16. Just looking at the posted image, the ist one looks like order of the red Eagle to my eyes, can't distinguish anything else unfortunately
  17. Hi, thanks, unfortunately they are not mine, but I research medals and like to have a reference library of images for my own research, I don't unfortunately remember which site I found them on now, quite an attractive simple cross. Interestingly, it's a bit difficult to determine from the image I posted, but I can't determine that the 1849 ribbon is actually being worn, looks like, its only the later campaign ribbon (for both) , I could be wrong Regards alex
  18. Hi thanks for the additional information, I was begining to think it might be for 1849, nice to have confirmation. Regards Alex I assume this one with correct ribbon?
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