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  1. Again, Yes interesting stuff, unfortunately the links don't work for me
  2. Such superb knowledge base from a simple question, and an exact uniform also, amazing
  3. Hi Gentlemen, thanks for the additional informative details, I was beginning to wonder if the uniform was not military in nature, diplomatic or indian service had crossed my mind, also, so assuming that's not too far from the actuality then it would be a combination of the attached, the colour image is a replica lord Chamberlain's but probably fairly accurate, thanks for the assistance regards Alex K
  4. Unfortunately, this appears to be growing "norm" on here (and other) forums
  5. Hi all, attached is a picture (Wiki) of the above gentleman with a VC and a lot of other medals! The uniform is unknown to me, I assume its the usual red, black/gold collar and gold embroidery to the front, that being assumed, is it regiment specific. All answers appreciated regards Alex K
  6. I must admit these things still baffle me, maybe its an age thing!, the attached are I believe for Max von Hausen, can anyone translate? thanks Alex K
  7. Well said, personally, I think HM should have reached into her handbag and found the biggest, shiniest one she could find, never mind protocol, Alex K
  8. Thanks for the comments, I agree, a private purchase piece, in my opinion also Regards
  9. Hi all, just a quick request, does anyone see any redflags with regards to this EK1 by Paul Maybauer? all comments welcome regards Alex K
  10. A random check on dealer back catalogues show numerous variation in prices, emedals, Canada, one cased 3rd class civil, hammer price 3000usd, 3rd class civil, no case, 2500 usd, spink, (London?) military, 900gbp, +tax+buyers commission so they vary, I believe the socialist ones are actually harder to find
  11. Difficult to tell from the images but it looks like it has a solid hinge block, if so then Gordon is correct, an earlier piece, later pieces had a different hinge construction
  12. Hi based on the images posted I would say original, as far as date goes a bit more difficult (for me) to be precise, I can say that the "Socialist" version had an uncrowned Lion of the obverse, so that may point you in the right direction, attached a scan of a book published in 1970 showing the "Socialist" version, no crowned lion, together with an image of mine, quite a nice decoration. Values difficult to determine but not cheap, in my opinion regards Alex K
  13. Royal prerogative maybe😆" i'll wear what I want the way I want to" there could be an alternative in that both he and karl-eduard were saxe-coburg-gothas, as a family decoration, it took precedence, don't know
  14. The ribbon at least on the silver medal matches the Karl-Eduard wedding medal maybe the "crown" bit is artistic licence
  15. Depends when the photo was taken, but appears strongly to be the Baden war cross for volunteers 1914-16, a short time before king George v renounced his German name from saxe-coburg-gotha to Windsor and made all British royalty do the same, similarly with the plm. Until then many of the British royal family were liberally festooned with German royal family orders (sort of keeping it in the family), a prudent move as kaiser wilhelm his cousin had started bombing Britain with his new heavy bomber, unfortunately also named the "Gotha" regards
  16. Hi, I'm assuming the lower (black) backing is Raf, not RFC, is so then that would fit in with what I would expect based on what I have, the one posted by jean-sam has a ww2 look about the shape which would suggest modernist manufacture for rfc/raf just change the initials in my opinion, added ww2 new Zealand wings, only ones I have access to at the moment
  17. Hi I personally have my doubts, I don't like the modern looking iron on style reverse backing, others may want to chip in though regards Alex
  18. Some interesting images, thought I'd add my small contribution, a recent pick-up, slightly lighter side of the trenches regards Alex K
  19. Your guess was correct, judging by the number of campaign bars on the ribbon, he was a busy man!
  20. The medal is the British General service medal awarded from 1793,, the suspension device was sometimes quite loosly attached to the "Coin" so it would give the appearance of being off-centre when worn at an angle, a common thing with some british medals. image attached image credit Spink
  21. Sadly this just about sums it up, but to be fair, I have seen some amazing work done on restoring vintage aircraft to their real former glory
  22. Hi, so have I, I've tried searching under every combination so far, Imperial, Prussian, veteran etc etc, I've now started on Weimar period due to the date the photo was taken, still no joy, I'm sure that badge wasn't the only one produced, It'll turn up one day I'm sure normally when you least expect it.
  23. Hi, all thanks for the comments, I'll point my search on that direction, regards Alex
  24. Hi all, does anyone recognise the badge that id being worn,, is it even military in nature, thanks for any help regards
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