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  1. The new flag of the Russian Aerospace Forces bearing the star at centre as described above.
  2. Order 470 of the minister of defence of the Russian Federation of 1 August 2015 merges together the Air Defence Forces and Space Forces under the new designation : "Aerospace Forces". The extensive order contains changes to military heraldry, the basic emblem of the Air Force and all items where it appears (flags, insignia, awards, etc) are amended. This is the new "wings & star" insignia for caps, it replaces the old Soviet style insignia. The change to the basic emblem of the Air Force is the addition of an eight pointed star at the meeting place of the propeller and
  3. Took a chance on this little baby... Can anybody confirm its authenticity? Commemorative Medal of the 75th Anniversary of the Telegraph Services
  4. The same order creates two new decorations (breast badges). The decoration "For merit" and the decoration "For distinction" of Aerospace Forces. The basic design is similar to the already existing decorations of the Air Force with the addition of an eight point star at the meeting point of the cannon and propeller at centre. The decoration "For merit" of Aerospace Forces is awarded to officers and and warrant officers in military service with aerospace forces for five or more calendar years: for the exemplary performance of military duty, skilful and competent management of the
  5. The same order also abrogates the establishment orders of these three commemorative pieces, they are no longer to be awarded, Medal "100 Years of the Air Force", Commemorative Badge "50 Years of the Space Age" and Commemorative Badge "100 Years of Air Defence".
  6. This is the text of the award criteria translated from the quite extensive order detailing amendments to many air force awards. The medal "For service in aerospace forces" is awarded to military and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation serving in the Air Force or discharged from military service in the Air Force, for conscientious service (work) of 20 years or more in calendar years on condition of having previously been awarded a decoration of the Air Force "For merit", "For distinction" or a commendation. The new medal being all encompassing, the same or
  7. TacHel

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    They're all great but the Vulcan over Stanley is my fav! Awesome!
  8. Established on 1 August 2015 by ministerial order 470. This quite extensive ministerial order sets the awards for the new Aerospace Forces born from the merger of Air Defence Forces and Space Forces.
  9. TacHel

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    You did these? WOW! Marvelous!
  10. Have a looksee here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders,_decorations,_and_medals_of_France
  11. By authority of Order 470 of the Defence minister of the RF dated 1 August 2015, these air force decorations will now have an associated undress ribbon for every day wear when all awards aren't required. (This is a first for the RF) Air Force decoration "For merit" - Air Force decoration "For distinction" - Commendation of the "Commander in chief of the Air Force" - Decoration "For combat duty in air defence forces".
  12. It'll soon start to snow... :( Time to crawl under a warm blanket with the TV remote and a good bottle of cognac... :cheers:

  13. Just received these in. Decoration "For Distinguished Service in Special Circumstances". Established on 31 October 2012 by ministerial 989. Awarded to employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, servicemen of Internal Troops of Russia, federal civil servants, employees of the Interior Ministry of Russia, for high performance in service and diligence in the performance of tasks during a period of martial law, a state emergency, an anti-terrorist operation, in the context of an armed conflict, in the aftermath of accidents, natural or man-made disasters or other em
  14. Maybe I figured it out? Ch. Fr. = Chasseurs Francs?
  15. Shows the real life out there... Shear boredom, fatigue... Sporadic combat.
  16. Looking at the ribbons, the centre ribbon top row can only be a CdG TOE... Even worn and tarnished... Does that look like one?
  17. Interesting! Thanks! If I understand correctly, same book, just multiple editions with supplements up to 1940. So there are 3 editions more complete than mine. Still, incredible reference. There are a few abbreviations I can't figure out that aren't in the table of abbreviations at the end of the book, maybe you can shed some light on them? They usually appear immediately after the soldiers rank, for example: Soldat 8 ch. fr. or 4 ch. fr. or 7 ch. fr. What does ch. fr. stand for?
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