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  1. Hi Owain, Happy Holidays to you and I want to thank you for all your help. If you still want the measurements for the sash for this order let me know. If you do-- do you want the measurements in millimeters or inches? The medals they belong to my son and I think that he is going to keep them (if no great need arises that he needs cash). I am trying my best to gather as much information about them so that that are not just hunks of metal that he doesn't know anything about. I am trying to convey that they are bits of history and that he did pretty well for himself with the medals that he
  2. Hi Lorenzo, Thanks for the reply. I justed wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I don't know if you saw my request for the weight of your Quadissiyah Order or not--but if you have a minute to weigh it and relay it to me I would appreciate it. Thanks Sherry
  3. I just thought people may be interested in seeing the 1980's version of the Ba'athist party medal made from 22k gold. It is very nice with lots of detail. Sherry
  4. Hi, Lorenzo, I never received an answer as to the weight of your silver Quaddisiyah Saddam. Can you give me that weight. I have had mine tested the diamonds are real and it is solid 24k gold. Can you tell me how many would have received this order in solid gold? Can you tell me when this sash to the order was replaced with the "God is Great" sash? Can anyone give me a value for this medal in solid gold with this sash? I would appreciate help from anyone with any of these details. Thank-you in advance. Sherry
  5. Here is an image of the Order of Qaddisyiah Saddam Sherry
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