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  1. Hello everyone, These badges/pins belonged to a small lot auctioned recently, mixed with some other luftwaffe unit pins. Does anyone know what are they? /Jian #1. looks like a squadron emblem, with number 705. #2. #3. #4. #5. #6 #7 #8 #9
  2. That sums up pretty much. What about the Mecklenburg medic bar in the bottom of the picture? could the 3rd and 4th ribbons be Verdienstkreuz of Hausorden der Wendischen Krone and Militär Verdienstkreuz?
  3. C. Zeige auctioned another group of ribbon bars lately, one of them seems to be a little odd that the 3rd Reich KVK is placed after the Hindy cross, and no long service medals, does it make any sense?
  4. Guys I really want to show you this Saxon-Weimar lifesaving medal, it's a real beauty.
  5. Thank you Andreas Hauptmann Leo von Gillhaußen was killed on the 6th of November 1918. Here I found a photo of the Gillhaußen brothers from gottmituns.net, Leo and his wife are on the left.
  6. Can anyone help to id this bar? I've been told the owner was a long time adjutant of a German prince, never figured out the name though. reverse
  7. Could this be Harry Gondi's ribbon bar? Found this photo showing Gondi wearing a long ribbon bar, also a TWM and a Silesian Eagle 1st class.
  8. Greetings everyone! I recently came across this bar and thought that I have seen it's full size brother before, can't remember when and where. Does it ring an bell to you? Is this bar identifiable? If I'm not mistaken the bar consists of following: - EKII - Saxon Albert Order 2nd class with sword - Oldenburg Friedrich August cross - Anhalt House Order of Albert the Bear 2nd class with sword - Austrian Military Merit Cross 3rd Class
  9. Here is the scan from O‘Connor's book. Do you think it's the same person?
  10. He must be one of the 10 airmen who received the member cross of Hohenzollern house order with swords during WWI. Comparing the photo of Julius Tillmans in Neal O'Connor's aviation awards book vol.2, it seems to have some good match of facial character to our guy here. What do you think?
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