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  1. What a surprise! I certainly did not expect an id to it. So much appreciated Daniel!
  2. The 3rd ribbon seems have a thin white strip in the middle, therefore I thought it's service medal ribbon not AO. The medal at 6th position should be FO due to the height with its suspension loop. If comparing to the KO ribbon at 4th place where it shows marks of cross arm and the eyelet positions, a WWII civil service medal is in similar size as KO which won't fit there.
  3. Before starting the restoration project I'd like to have your confirmation which medal and class should go for 4th, 6th and 7th position. Please share your thoughts, thanks! EKII Saxony bronze war merit cross Saxony 25 year service cross Prussian crown order or 3rd Reich civil service medal? Centennial medal Württemberg Friedrichs order, which class? 1922 red cross medal?
  4. Not sure about that, the white falcon order is still too tall compare to the original stitching trace even without the ring. You also have to consider the thickness of the crown which will cause some tearing sign of the red ribbon that're not there, I think whatever was mounted there must be a lot more flat. Can you try these two in the mock-up?
  5. Now I tend to believe it's a merit cross of white falcon on 3rd place judging from the tear down picture where it shows very low position where the medal was stitched on. Officer cross has a huge crown and much taller than merit cross. Would you mind to show the reverse?
  6. You can check if the color changes on the reverse of the ribbon and back side of the bar under backing material, but I bet it's just some threads that're a bit aged in the plain red ribbon. So it's also a White Falcon order to me.
  7. Aviation collection? that sounds very interesting 🧐 do yo mind to show them?
  8. I don't know if there was an EK1 in the group at some point. Anyway thanks a lot for the information 👍
  9. No name, the photo doesn't belong to it. It came with this heavy case made by G.A. Scharffenberg.
  10. That's not too bad, I have problem to determine several pieces shown above.
  11. Haven't thought about that, it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the discussion 👍
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