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  1. Hello Gunner 1 Many thanks for the reply it is extremely helpful. Iv'e got something to search for now.. If I have got this right it, as he was a Gunner, I'm assuming he would have been with the following;- 445th RGA B Section - attached to 10th Heavy Battery RGA joined 61st HAG became 18 HAG Please correct me if this is wrong as I'm still trying to understand this Army system. Can you recommend any good books on this subject, a trip to the library might help?.. Thanks for the info re the NA Many Thanks Angel
  2. Hi everybody Iv'e found my GGrandfather Charles Daniels on the CWGC site, info as follows:- Charles Daniels (Gunner) 161789, 445th Siege Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died aged 30, 16 December 1918. in Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria, Greece. I am trying to find out any info on where he might have been Based/Fought/Died. Can anybody help as I can find no reference to the 445th Siege Bty. Any help or advice would be great. Thanks P.S. No other info is known about him at present as he died when my nan was only 5
  3. Hi Paul Will certainly have a look at Medal News, might be worth trying, will also try asking the family again, just in case. Thanks for your help. Angel
  4. Hi tony have been looking on the web, see what you mean about the germans using ferrets, havn't had any luck with the same reference for the British troops, but did find a Ferret Reconnaissance vehicle, interesting stuff...will keep looking... Angel
  5. Hi Paul Thanks for the info. very helpful, do you know if there is someone/somewhere I could contact to see if the medals were actually issued as none of our family have ever seen them, the only one we do have is a Britain Legion Badge. No luck tracing this tho. Another question do you know what the APC did? Angel
  6. Hi Everybody Does anybody know if there was a nickname for a regiment/regiments called "The Ferrets", I'm researchng my family Tree and have been informed one of my great uncles was a ferret!!! Clutching at straws really... If this was a regimental nickname does anybody have any info about "The ferrets", anything at all be very helpful. Thanks Angel
  7. Hi Andrew Attachment didn't work, I will have to try from home. Iv'e done it on a excel programme doesn't like it. Angel
  8. Hi Andrew Many thanks for the links (I havn't looked at them yet, but will do this afternoon, bit busy) and advice. I don't have the MC at work but I do have transcriptions here, hopefully they are attached. I have also sent one for Alfred Culshaw, Percy's Father, My GGrandfather. More info on this one, still unsure what to look for under the Army Pay Corp tho, also what the date is in the remarks box. Alfred died in 1947, but around 1930+ he was working at the Woolwich Arsenal, in the Armaments Inspection Div, a civilian employee, so they informed me. Have you any idea what this date might mean. Thanks for your help
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