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  1. Ive recently acquired as an addition to my small but growing collection of miltary compasses what i believe is a WW1 issue German Military Compass and carrying pouch. Im attaching some pics. You can see two fold away siting pieces on top.The bottom of the compass is rebated around all four sides as if its designed to fit onto something. Might it be Artillery issue or similar? Any comments on this would be welcome...how are the siting pieces used? Alan
  2. Cheers Gunner........... i knew somebody would eventually come up withsome info on this.. Alan
  3. I would be greatfull for any information available on the history of the Home Guard in N Ireland during WW2. Im after the designations and locations of all units and dates of their existance.The names of Commanding and other Officers and personalities....in fact anything known about the HG in NI. In particular........ detailed info such as nominal rolls of manpower etc in the Cookstown and Dungannon areas would be great. Alan
  4. Further to my last..i must eat humble pie! Ian Henderson did not receive the George medal and 2 bars ...he only won the GM and 1 bar! Only!!!!! Apologies! Alan
  5. The Emergency started just prior to 1950 and the shooting went on until 1958 or 9. It involved in the main 3 local Kenyan tribes..The Kikuyu.the Embu and the Meru. The Kikuyu being the prime beligerants who initally started slashing and maiming the cattle of White Farmers. They wanted the whites out and the end of British imperial rule in Kenya. The fighting took the form of a hit and run guerilla type war.They moved from killing cattle to intimidating and killing any black who worked for the whites and killing white farmers,and their families often in a gruesome and almost sadisitic manner.
  6. What exactly do you need to know......i was out there during the Mau Mau troubles(only 4 or 5 yrs old!) but my dad was an Inspector in the Kenya Police Special branch and im sure can answer most questions> Alan
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