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  1. Hi Paul Sorry for really late reply...sure I'm missing something. Military awards ie G.B.E. G.B.E for Ladies and also lower MILY degrees. BEM medal for Courage, extremely rare but missing that as well. The collar and Mantle is also in My want list but not even in horizon to see.....
  2. Hello Brian Many thanks for Your kind reply. I've been collecting 40 years now. Mostly uniforms and old weapons but as well awards from Finland ,formerly Soviet Union and these British I send You some pics. Reinhard
  3. Hello all forum members Happy New Year 2020 to all collectors. For the beginning 2020 I'd like to share pics from My British awards collection. Please enjoy! The Most Excellent Order of The British Empire Knight Grand Cross of the order is interesting. Regarding to Sir Frederick Ponsonby (1867-1935) the first cases of issue were lingered : G.C.B.E. (all from June 1917) and renamed G.B.E. The reason was possibility of confusion between CB and the CBE. The one in My collection is the first model ie. G.C.B.E.
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