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  1. Hello John, now it´s in my collection and i make the black light and burning test. It is ok. The black fabric on the back is painted with bone glue, thus, the substance has two colors black and yellow. Are there any other opinions? greeting woodeye
  2. Hello John, Thanks for your reply. This information I have not yet, since it was offered to me. At first I thought it was not good, but the longer I look at the make, the better I like it. However, I do not known the original air gunner are known. Of course there have been. Greeting woodeye
  3. hello, what do you think of this ROAG ? Myself have not seen a similar specimen, but I've seen certainly not all. Greeting woodeye
  4. Hi guys, Thank you. I'm unfortunately the originals did not receive badges. In the pilot case was a pilot of "FLL" in it in zinc. Yes, the case is likely to be pilots of 1939-40. What do you think it is here in the case `s around the same manufacturer? holzauge
  5. inside. would appreciate comments on the case's two. Greetings woodeye
  6. Hello, would like to show my two new cases. What do you think about the two case's? Both use very similar materials, but the manufacturer's used this case? greets woodeye
  7. Hello, Bob and Bob, thank you for your help and time. Will not take the "good" piece, nevertheless, a pity. Well, sometime it runs to me already still through the way. gruß woodeye
  8. Bob, I thank you and both men for your opinion. Had hoped to get rare originals blue cap. Do you still need other pictures? How is it to be understood, actually, do you not like both the cap because they are not sure 100% or are there unequivocal signs for a copy? What it means "kiss of death mate" ? Unfortunately, I do not have the book "Paratroops in North Africa". To me there lie only the books "German Paratropps" and "Africa corps" of Robert Kurz, in which blue uniform parts are shown. Unfortunately, I also know as seldom these caps are and has never still held secure in my hands. Maybe I had to go contently his with a blue tropical jacket for officers which is in my collection. For these jackets also in the book "Africa corps" is illustrated, would I know sometimes with pleasure, how seldom are they real? 0-10, 11-100 or more ? woodeye
  9. Hello Paul, I have to me an own judge about this cap provided, but still no final. I think the cap if original could be, the stamp might fit, only I have seen no other cap which is also blue in. Only one beige tropical cap of Berolina which soaks off, however, something. e.g., this cap shown by me has no middle seam on the lid and the eagle is natural also another. Were there such rivets? Is an expert in this forum maybe for blue tropical things? greets woodeye
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