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  1. few more. im trying to get closeups of the names but im unable to upload the pics as they are in bitmap form not jpeg anyone know how to change that. thxs joe
  2. hi guys, just dug out some of my hard to come by real grave photos and postcards.not souviner types i know in ww2 there were tons of pics taken by the troops to remember there buddys who have fallen and where there grave markers were at. but it seems in ww1 there are fewer and harder to come by in ww1 pics. i know ive been looking for over 10 years and have about only 50 good ones. so was wondering if any one else have any to share. ill post as many as i can get good shots of, so enjoy and you are welcome to post yours or your thoughts on scarceness of these types of photos. thxs joe 27kills
  3. Chris, thxs for the help you are correct on the american date feb 11th 1917. if you can find any info on that unit res-inf-rgt #229 that would be great as i really can not read german , i can get by with a little but not much. thxs in advance joe
  4. Letter home to family from a Lt. Schulte? to the Ramsauer family with a map and pcs of there sons gravesite somewhere near Beaumont-hamel and Serre. very nice pack of stuff in this feldpost letter home. has 4 postcards,1 hand drawn map by the LT. schulte and a later map from a book or something. poor Gunther Ramsauer was killed 2-11-1917 his family got this letter on 3-7-1917 he was a member of res-inf-rgt #229 in the postcard with the 3 men lined up for the pic. Gunther is the one on the left with the cross on his arm in pencil, he won the iron cross 2nd class. sad story that happened over and over during the war, but neat to still have all these in one packet. enjoy the photos, and scans, thxs joe just click on thumbs for bigger pics
  5. hi chris, sorry ive not been around on here i forgot my pass word when i moved my computer and stuff to this new house, just today finally remembered it and had to pay my year dues so im back... anyway the milipass collection all started by a fluke, i was buying ww2 soldbuchs and wherpass and one day i got a 3 pack his ww1 millipass and his 2 ww2 ids sold/wherp. i loved the ww1 one and it had a ton more info then the ww2 ids so then and there i quit the ww2 paper chase and threw all i had into ww1 ids. now after i think about 6 or 7 years i have a total of 545 ww1 ids in my collection. im shooting for 1,000 so i have a ways to go, but its fun and very interesting to try and read them...... thxs again for the help in the past. i hope to get more great pics and stuff posted soon joe
  6. just moved to new house this past oct and have a great new room for my collection, enjoy the pics joe
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