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  1. well im bored today and its hot here in north calif 100+ degrees, so decided to pull out the id's and post some pics of entries if anyone could please translate the listings that would be great, if you guys like ill try and post some every other day if thats ok with you all?? ive got over 525 ids in my collection so this could take awhile... enjoy the pics thxs joe
  2. Have this nice postcard size handmade tree bark letter to a mans family. 1914-15 Gervimet meiner lieben familie zur erinnerung an den feldzug in russ-polen. von eurenlieben vater rogow im july 1915. pretty cool item that a father sent home to his family from eastern front 1915. enjoy joe
  3. here are a few of my ww1 tunics. french officer german rear area uniform us uniform. and others. enjoy joe
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