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  1. 2 more officers with iron cross look like the flat version cross
  2. just a few quick pics of my ww1 id's collection. have over 500+ militariapass and soldbuchs of ww1 men and also 60+ photoalbums and photo lots. enjoy joe
  3. Here are a few of my dogtags Max Weber born 10-19-1878 unit Fsp.ers.ABT. 3 REKRDEPOT I. #1581
  4. some more pics of his name on documents, and a better portrait pic of him . it says he was a reserve LT. so maybe he served before ww1 and was called back during ww1?
  5. http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=258812 complete day to day notes by a LT. alfred "guido" band, of a pio unit all during the war, 1914-1918 over 400 photos, and 20 maps,1500 pages of writting. enough for one good book. if anyone has any other info on him that would be great thxs joe
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