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  1. Hi, would like to post this group for opinions, acquired a couple of years ago and now resurfaced from packing after home move. Hopefully not to be repeated any time soon..Lol.. Ok as far as originality of most items, but a second opinion never hurts. Seeking help on the boxed award, tinny, ribbon device. Excuse pic quality, not exactly an expert in photography. Tks in advance. Paul
  2. HI , found this badge pic online and thought i would post it here for comments . the design is somewhat like the coburg award . but unrelated i would think . . regards paul
  3. hi , think Arthur R may have hit the nail on the head . the crossed emblems on the wreath do look like police tipstaffs .the crown was designed to unscrew and contained in the hollow shaft was a warrant of arrest. regards paul.
  4. hi bolwerts58 .. thanks for the confirmation on the sleeve badge , on a slow learning curve with the freikorps items . hard to find reference material on the subject . this one turned up on ebay at a give away price found it with 2mins left to run and took a chance after a quick look . for all its many issues you can still find a golden nugget in the dung on ebay. thanks again ....regards paul
  5. hi guys , looks ok to me , any advise appreciated , good or bad. tks in advance ..paul
  6. hi bolewts58 , appreciate the tip re the club , another one to add to my avoid list. developing an interest in freikorps awards is akin to dancing in a minefield . the fakes seem abundant , regards paul
  7. bolewts58 // dedehansen . thank you both for your help on this . i shall give this one a pass. regards paul
  8. hi hoping someone can help me with this one .outside my usual comfort zone on this award . discovered this example online and seeking some expert opinion on it . thanks in advance ...paul
  9. hi sdp , thanks for reply and for trying to check the number and many thanks for the contact info.ppsh33
  10. hi new member ,first post .great site . iam seeking help in relation to issue numbers on ss daggers, is there any site or database to enable me to find out to whom a dagger was issued to ? the issue number i am trying to get info on is 112907. .tks
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