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  1. Hello, All that's on the medal is A. Franks T R M M R thank you for your kind help. Regards
  2. Hello, Recently acquired a WW1 British victory medal,could anyone advise as what the T R M M R represents please after his name? Regards
  3. Thank you for the information very much appreciated, the cross has been with me over 40 years, it came with British solders items. The box the cross came in was only checked by me fairly recently and when I removed the bottom board that slip was there thats all I know. Again my thanks for your kind help. Regards
  4. Hello Mark, That information is very much appreciated, thank you for your time. Regards David
  5. Could anyone tell me if the document relates to the item and who the maker may be please?
  6. Hello, Looking for a cosmetic repair (repainting) on a pair WW2 binoculars if anyone can help advise please? Within the UK. Regards David
  7. Just because I've found out what it is and been able to confirm its originality I always appreciate the thoughts and comments of you more experienced members on my items. I never take things at first sight hence joining a forum like this, foreign items although not my area have come my way in the 50 years i've collected and I thought sharing with other members was a good thing.
  8. Hello, For sale WW1 French victory medal and original ribbon £15 includes 1st class signed for postage within the UK.
  9. Hello,. Another Iron Cross i came across today.
  10. Hello, Thought you may be able to help with this, the document was with it but I have no idea as to whether it pertains to the item.
  11. Thank you for your kind comments very much appreciated.
  12. Hello, Thought this maybe of interest thank you for looking. Regards David
  13. Hello, Just thought you may like to see this picture,thank you for looking.
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