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  1. Bayern great info. I was perhaps focussing too much on a stormtrooper wielding a sharpened MG spade as a weapon!
  2. More 08 imagery, and great view of the sled in the 2 man carry.
  3. worse than that, it is a US military dentist!!!! So back to MG08...
  4. Has anyone seen or have the 08/15 water jacket heating system please? Mark
  5. Has anyone seen or have the 08 water jacket repair clamp? Mark
  6. More for viewing pleasure, showing non-German mG if of interest. Mark
  7. Although the 08/15 thread, to add some colour I have included postcards.. In the 08 Post there are the captured imagery. Mark
  8. Bolewts58 yes in 27 years of MG collecting I have only ever seen 4, and these are 2. Sadly they were not cheap and came with a few MGK items. As my interest is WWI Maschinengewehr I had to buy the whole 'job' lot but always available for offers or trades. I can take photos of the rear too if you wish. Mark
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