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    Interested in all aspects of the Imperial German Army machine guns and in particular the MG08 and MG08/15. Attempting to collect one example of all ground accessories and wpns/items to both those maxims.

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  1. The several additions to the inter-war sled included the AA pole. Combined with the stock and sights it looks very impressive but having seen/handled these AA poles with an 08 and sled (NOT fired) I would suspect quite a bit of vibration!!! Mark
  2. The series is interesting and informative but I do struggle with her views on weapons in combat. Totally understand that for the viewer all aspects could/should be discussed but if you look at some of the WWI items that are explored I fail to see how this young lady can give the opinion she does. Furthermore a wider research is required in some cases as the details are incorrect. That said the youtube items are great, useful and considering the wide ranging audience very clear but to ask her would she take wpn x into action for me is not a good question. If nothing else all the knowledge and u
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