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    Interested in all aspects of the Imperial German Army machine guns and in particular the MG08 and MG08/15. Attempting to collect one example of all ground accessories and wpns/items to both those maxims.

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  1. Back again. Time to kick start the thread! If anyone has imagery of 08/15 monuments/trophy/memorials please add them? Mark
  2. Time to re-energise the MG threads: A hard to find trench mount
  3. Although WWI German MG is my main theme, before I used to collect WWI British MGs. Thought it might be of interest to show MG imagery to promote these amazing weapons, as used by UK and Commonwealth forces for many many years. Thread will consist of many periods...and many users.
  4. Slightly unusual post so I hope the moderators allow. I wanted to give the opportunity to members before listing on auction sites etc. Looking to dispose of a significant number of WWI British MG imagery, on the lewis, Vickers and Hotchkiss. These are postcards official photos etc and are an excellent addition to a serious MG collector. Please email mark.finneran@hotmail.co.uk if interested. Mark
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