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  1. I send in next 5 min. a better picture. But, what has to do a foreign government with this afghan. award ?
  2. In front is writen fredom medal and the same in arabic. Backside is writen in english "For service in afghanistan" and a soldier, they climb a rock. I mean, it will be awarded from the Afghan. gouv. for foreign soldiers! My feeling is 80% official medal!
  3. Is that a official medal from the afghan gouv.? Medal is absolut best quality, gold plated etc. made in frace I have both it on a electronic auction on internet! Holger
  4. Is the Order of Skanderbeg from 1940 - 1945 a Italy award or a Albanian? Howe many Albanian citizens was awarded in that time with this order? I mean, it will the same, that the German made a award for Poland citzens in time 1939 to 1945. Please send me your meaning. Best a Albania collector. Sincerely Holger
  5. Thanks Owain! I have send you a privat email. Also abaut the FORCE-17 booklet / Palestina. The badge is made in east germany, but I have never hear from UDFY organisation in Yemen. Sincerely Holger
  6. Question. Badge, 38 mm, producing in east germany, nickle. What for a country: yemen, westsahara, Sansibar Island? Trade Union or communist party? Thanks for help in advance: Holger
  7. Thats the medal with ribbon for friends. In gold is fro figthers.
  8. thats the link for the german vol. figthers www.spanienkaempfer.de Also they have made a medal - box and on a ribbon in 2006
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