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    1. Hello, Thank you the tunic is not on the forum for sale as I have only re thought of selling in this last couple of weeks. You can email me at davidjohnhill@hotmail.co.uk should you be interested thank you. David..
    2. Hello Thank you for your interest the tunic is for sale no one was able yo explain the reason for the WF on the shoulders, I understand there is the in the RWF museum thank you again David.
    3. Hello, I have recently acquired these French POW letters all I can tell you is they are written by the same man to the same lady, the postcard of the French machine gun corps came with them but what the association is I am not sure.
    4. Hello Could you please help me identify these medals please thank you .
    5. Hello, Thank you for your help much appreciated. Kind regards David
    6. Hello, Please could anyone help identify these 2 knives please. 1-Only makings US and ONTARIO 2-Only markings VENTURE H M SLATER SHEFFIELD Regards David
    7. Hello, Could anyone help with the citation if possible to the MM this brave chap was awarded please. Kind Regards David (H)
    8. Hello, I wandered if it was possible to find the service records of mercantile mariners i am trying to find the ships he may have served on his name is James Tyrer Coulter he served WW1 & 2 with a discharge number 457922 Born April 1883 Southport Lancashire died Feb 1945. Regards David
    9. Hello Thank you he is WW1my apologies for not stating this, I have his trio and numerous personal papers but I could find no record for him. Regards David
    10. Hello, I am trying to find information on Pte 92888 John Anderson Thomson RFA would be grateful for any help especially military service. Regards David (H)
    11. Thanks Nick information much appreciated, I was going to sell it but if there's bit missing I don't think I will bother; my thanks again. Regards David
    12. Hello, Could you help please with identification of this large badge thanks . Regards David (H)
    13. Hello, Today purchased a trio to a staff sgt a o c, what I would like to know please is his star is shown as A R M T before his rank not come across this before please could anyone explain thank you. Regards David
    14. Hello, I believe this maybe a paymasters kit but unsure, perhaps someone could help it appears to be complete. Regards David (H)
    15. Hello, Thank you for all your help members, they are quite heavy and thick for their size 3 inches top to bottom and 1 and three quarter inches wide 2 lugs to the rear; again my thanks. David (H)
    16. Hello, Could you help with valuation of these badges please.
    17. Good Evening, I am looking for information on this chap who I believe won the DSO but I cannot find confirmation of this could anyone help please. Lt Commander Cyril Colbourne MTB Boats Suffolk Regards David
    18. Hello, Could anyone help identify these please, thank you for all your continued help they are silver. David (H)
    19. Hello, Looking for information MIC or anything that may point me in the right direction many thanks. David (H)
    20. Hello, My thanks for the help the badges are heavy and thick, thank you all for your time very helpful as usual. David (H)
    21. Hello, Thank you for replying, the badges have 2 studs to the reverse and are 3 inches tip to tip and 1 3/4 inches wide. David
    22. Hello, Could anyone help with the identity of these Victorian brass badges, thank you for looking. David (H)
    23. Hello, Can anyone help with research to john Hornby a sjt instructor in the Malabar volunteer rifles that's all I know, any advice most welcomed. Also if possible trying to find the SWB record for RAF 2212 or the records if they are available. Regards David (H)
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