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  1. Time Left: 27 days and 18 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Mess dress trousers Measurements 34 waist 34 leg approximately good condition. I do have the jacket but it's in poor condition, however if your prepared to pay the extra shipping you may have that included.


  2. Time Left: 26 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Hello, Have this RE cap for sale thank you for looking. Regards David


  3. Thank you for all your help, apologies for entering in incorrect category. Regards
  4. Thank you for the information very much appreciated Regards David
  5. Hello, Would appreciate help to identify please? Regards David
  6. Hello, Looking for advice on this item please, thank you in advance. Regards David
  7. Hello I wandered if these were the real thing please? My apologies if I'm in the wrong forum. Regards
  8. Thank you all for your time and advice as always it was most appreciated. Kind regards David
  9. Thank you for your information very kind of you, it doesn't have a great story and no great krice as it was just in an old box of items. Regards Well it can go back in the box no loss my thanks for all your time and effort given. David
  10. Hello Tony Thank you for replying its 9x7 inches. David
  11. Hello I wandered if anyone could help with identifying this item and if it has any value please? Regards David
  12. Hello Simon, Thank you for your kind comments, as you say I cant see the other items being his as you say being a 2AM I believe Sgt was the lowest pilot rank. So I may never know appreciate your help and time. David
  13. Thank you Simon for your help and honesty, rather know than not they were in an old Xmas tin from WW1 with other items so no loss there, it included these RFC tags. Kind regards David
  14. Hello, Would appreciate help to identify these as to original period etc. Regards David
  15. Thank you anyway for all the help very much appreciated. David
  16. Hello Thank you for replying, size wise about the same as a collar dog; metal is either brass or bronze then gilded. I have attached a picture of the rear thank you. David
  17. Hello I have these three badges could anyone please tell me their value. 2 marked antaya 1 marked Krew G _1 Regards David
  18. Thank you for the information much appreciated Regards David
  19. Hello I have these 3 badges could anyone be kind enough to identify and a possible value please? 2 marked antaya 1 marked Krew G -1 Regards
  20. Andreas That's very kind of you and yes helpful indeed. Regards David
  21. Peter Thank you it's actually painted in a style I've been informed is gouache! Much appreciate your comments and time. Regards David
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