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    1. Sir, Thank you for your reply, i have no other information at present will try to find more information . Regards David
    2. Hello gentlemen, Just thought you might like to see the latest comes with his original cap badge thank you for looking. David
    3. Hello All, Just thought you may like to see these, the latest out of an old box. David
    4. Hello Brian, It has been a pleasure to exchange views with you and i am glad your at ease, I know the story to be true but i cannot prove it so i hope at least it has been worth members reading. I have found members on this forum most helpful in an earlier post a member was able to identify another cross i had from the same box which turned out to be worth exactly what they valued it at, again it was of no interest to me but was bought by a very nice chap called Mr Stephen Wheeler i believe a respected dealer. I will post the iron cross for sale and see how things go after all if it does not sell it can live in the box it has spent nearly all it's life in, my next post will be a ww2 ambulance drivers first aid kit complete in it's bag and his tin helmet. All the very best to you David
    5. Good Morning Brian, Thank you for your reply, as you willl know the RWF were present at the football match and my g/grandfather was an honourable honest chap but i do understand your point of view. The cross as had a varied life living in everything from shed's to loft's and even my grandma's bunker in the garden during ww2, the story was posted purely for interest and in no way to enhance the value of the cross. As you will see by my earlier reply to the valuation i would be more than happy with £40/50 as it would probably buy me a gsm re/ra, the ww2 photo was amoung others in the same box but that's all i can say. My family have a serving tradition as far back as waterloo and although we may not have reached great hieghts in rank i am very proud of them all, even to date my youngest is serving RAF so we have served Queen/King/Queen. I am not offended in anyway at all the members here have been most helpfull to me i have a number of box's to yet open and hope i may be able to call on your help in the future. Regards David
    6. Hello, My great grandfather was a british soldier who was given the cross by a german soldier he played the game of football with at chrismas, my apolagies for not making this clear.He acquired various items during his service all of which came through eventually to my father who collected and then on to me which formed part of my 40 years collecting medals, i am going through boxes which hav enot been touched for over 30 years. david
    7. Hello Paul, Thank you for your help could you advise best place to sell or even is it worth the bother to sell as i have no interest in it . David
    8. Hello, This belonged to my great grandfather could you help identify from the photos please. Regards David
    9. Hello Leigh, As per the top of this page joseph was in the same regiment the border (5th) and wia 1917 but that is all our friend knows of him,again my thanks. David
    10. Hello, The only other information they can provide is that they lived in reeds lane wigton cumbria hope this helps and my sincere thanks from my friends family. David (H)
    11. Hello, That is first class service this club certainly lives up everytime to it's reputation, my friend will be very pleased again my sincere thanks david.
    12. Good Afternoon, Please could you help a friend as asked if i could find information on members of his family who fought in ww1, he has given me all the information he has as follows. Any information would be gratefully appreciated. Regards David Joseph prescott Wia 1917 border regiment No not known Thomas prescott pte (1847) 240352 5th border regiment William dixon prescott pte (1848) 240353 5th border regiment
    13. Hello Chris, Thank you for replying in the circumstances the ammo pouch and holster are not marked, the only marking's are on the belt which is impressed 1917 and a makers mark reading martines- the set also has a green lanyard hope this helps . Regards David
    14. Mervyn, Thank you again sorry about the sir dates from former service, tried Chris but never received a reply all the very best. David (H)
    15. Hello Sir, Thank you very much for your help, will now try to find the best place to sell it. I have been going through numerous amounts of items acquired over the 40 years i have collected war medals because it's time they went to people who would appreciate them more. Again my sincere thanks. Regards David
    16. Hello, I will be selling this ww1 officers sam brown complete please see pictures,some cracking to the leather and maker marked at the end of the belt and dated 1917 the pistol is not included would appreciate some idea as to value please. Regards David
    17. Hello, Can anyone help please i am looking for an original box for the early george medal i believe it to be red cardboard . Regards David H
    18. Mervyn, Thank you have posted on both,yes i do have the original george medal and the gentlemans special constabulary medal the george being awarded 1941. Regards David....
    19. Hello and a happy new year to all, Can anyone help please i am trying to find an original cardboard box issued with the early issue of the george medal.
    20. Hello , I am about to sell some us items i would like to know please the meaning of the lettering inside a helmet. As follows Micheal w boerner 2/19 FA SVC BTN1 if anyone could help with information i would be most grateful. Regards David (H)
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