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  1. Thank you for the information very much appreciated, the cross has been with me over 40 years, it came with British solders items. The box the cross came in was only checked by me fairly recently and when I removed the bottom board that slip was there thats all I know. Again my thanks for your kind help. 


  2. Just because I've found out what it is and been able to confirm its originality I always appreciate the thoughts and comments of you more experienced members on my items. I never take things at first sight hence joining a forum like this, foreign items although not my area have come my way in the 50 years i've collected and I thought sharing with other members was a good thing.

  3. Apologies for the delay in responding, the badge is a russian police officers issued between 1937/39 and an original piece.

    Thank you and my apologies again. 

    Regards David 

    On 11/02/2020 at 22:56, FOR VALOUR said:


            Looking for advice on this item please, thank you in advance. 

    Regards David 




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