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  1. Apologies for the delay in responding, the badge is a russian police officers issued between 1937/39 and an original piece.

    Thank you and my apologies again. 

    Regards David 

    On 11/02/2020 at 22:56, FOR VALOUR said:


            Looking for advice on this item please, thank you in advance. 

    Regards David 




  2. 53 minutes ago, dmiller8 said:

    These are the three grades of Explosive Ordnance Disposal qualification badges that are awarded to EOD technicians in the armed services.  According to its Wikipedia article (https://wiki2.org/en/Explosive_Ordnance_Disposal_Badge), the pattern is identical to all the services. The basic grade is shows a WW2-era bomb, the senior grade has a 5-pointed star in the center of the bomb, and the master grade is the senior badge plus a star in a wreath surmounting the badge. The badges have a subdued finish intended for wear on field uniforms.

    Thank you for replying much appreciated information.

    Regards David 


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