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  1. Hello, Thank you for all your knowledge!! Attached are a few more items I have acquired. These all appear to be old and everything came from WWII dealer and personal friend of ours. Am I right in assuming that these are all post 1938 then? Thank you so much once again!!
  2. Hello all, I was told these are a type of Austrian gymnastics association insignia. I have one cloth and three different metal pieces. I cannot find any information on them though. These are supposedly from a WWII veteran. Any help on ID, dates, etc would be great! And would these be considered more military or civilian? THANKS!
  3. Hello, I do not really collect German insignia, but someone told me that they thought that this could be a fairly modern German Air Force insignia. Is this true? If so, could someone please tell me the unit, the age, and what value it may have? I would really appreciate anything you could tell me. THANKS!!!
  4. Hello guys, I am new to this forum, and also fairly new to insignia other than US. I recently purchased a fair size collection of what I think are West Germany badges. There were a few "de-nazi-fied (?) pieces, but the majority are like these and are made of cheap metal. There are also some pocket hangers, patches, ranks, etc. However, I have a few questions: Are there are any reference books to badges like these pictured? Is there any point in collecting the same badge, but made by two different manufacturers? Do badsges like these have any value as of now? About what time period would t
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