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  1. Hi, Markus. You are correct. I forgot to post those images. I have sold the green and purple badge too. For a litle more. Thanks for the info. Regards, Mat
  2. Hi. Just for the record. I was selling the star mentioned above. The star was sold for 3500 EUR to a local collector. It is the same star as shown some postings earlier. (by me) Does anyone sell Lion and sun breast star with older enamel painting, local manufacture? I am interested. Regards, Mat
  3. The most interesting are the purple stones between rays Mat.
  4. Hi, I found atachment button. So! for the revers see atachment. Mat.
  5. Hi, Markus, It is from my personal collection, bought recently in some Uk antik-shop. I belive it is British manufacrure. Center medalion painting is very similar to some early "george & Michael" center medalions madde by spinks or Gerrard. The stones are probbably glass or crystal. The are definitely not diamonds. In that period they used "rose-cut" diamonds, and they look very different. I have st. Anna with stones and some of the stones are crystals just like that ones. (around centre) since I am new here, how can I attach more pics? atachment button simply disappeared. than
  6. Hi Nick, It is 5,3 x 7,4 cm. It is definitely not a miniature. That means 5,3 cms in diameter. What do you think about number of rays? It has 8 rays. Normaly lover classes have 4, 5 rays, higher classes 6 rays. I have never seen a badge with 8 rays. And another thing. The colour of the stones. Green central rays and purple mini-rays between. Any usefull info on this piece? Perhaps Lady variant? Like al-kemal of egypt? Or Pleiade badge (seven sisters) Pahlevi persia? Mat.
  7. Hi everyone! I am quite new in this discussion group. I came across a very interesting Lion and sun badge. It is small in diameter. Aprox 5 cm. I know that it come from GB, London. Does anyone know anything about this type? It has no hallmarks. (sorry for my Tarzan English) Mat.
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