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  1. Thanks to those who wondered why I've been MIA!  I am certainly alive and well.  However, my time has been sidetracked by other pursuits, leaving little time for much else...  First, I started a full time job last August; I had considered teaching for some time and was offered a full-time position teaching U.S. Government and Criminal Justice at a high school.  It's been both a rewarding and frustrating experience, but something I believe is extremely worthwhile.  As General Stanley McChrystal recently wrote in a New York Times editorial, "education is the lifeblood of a great nation."  I thought it time to go back to serving my country instead of sitting on my butt.

    The second thing that has taken up my free time ... and expendable cash ... is in the picture attached.  My wife and I moved to the Chesapeake Bay with the idea we'd get a boat.  And last April we did just that...  Getting ready to take her out tomorrow for the start of this year's boating season.


  2. Hey, Chris!  How's it going these days?  I've been out of the collecting game for a little while, but checking in...  I can't let this Pass pass me by...  What's the best deal you can give me on the Pass and the Garde Art. EK document together?  I could even then go the full 35 Euro on the Prussian Ehrenzeichen.

  3. Despite another blast of cold weather, I sense spring is near

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    2. IrishGunner


      Yea, after 10 inches of snow last night and sub-freezing temps, I may have been hasty in my sensory perception.

    3. Claudius


      We are at temps in the "teens" and falling for tomorrow and Thursday. And yet the birds are singing <<<head scratch>>>

    4. Chris Liontas

      Chris Liontas

      We just got another 3 inches; but it is in the 30's finally. We could call this the pre-game warm up..... :) (you've got to laugh, that took me all day to think up)

  4. Does anyone else find the amount of packaging on a new dress shirt to be ridiculous, or is it just me?

    1. Claudius


      you get "new" shirts? To pretend I have a new shirt I take my hand-me-downs and iron hard creases in them then put pins in odd places stick me unexpectedly to simulate a new shirt.

    2. IrishGunner


      I bet you been reading the Imperial German underwear thread with great interest then. Talk about hand me downs!

  5. The weather is here. I wish you were beautiful.

  6. A New Year, re-newed energy!

  7. So, who's decorating for the holidays?

  8. Working on the Bombardments article

  9. It's Friday. That means VW trouble. Three Fridays in a row trouble with either my wife or my daughter's VW.

  10. Batten down the hatches. Windy day!

  11. Rainy days are made for research

  12. Beer makes research easier

  13. Don't you just hate when you read something and then forget where you read it!

  14. I blame the wine committee very much

    1. IrishGunner


      Very much, indeed. Should have had more foresight.

  15. Daily WWI anniversaries from here on out

  16. Working on a Russian WWI article

  17. This space for rent

  18. Sometimes I have to ask: Why bother?

  19. The spark has been lit.

  20. I'm back, but still may be "quiet" on the Forum. At least I made some cash to spend!

    1. Chris Boonzaier

      Chris Boonzaier

      IG and "Quiet".... hmmmmmmmm ;-)

    2. IrishGunner


      On the Western Front

  21. Snow! You got to be kidding!

  22. Damn, those Canadian hockey women hit hard! Congrats on not giving up and the win. But DAMN.

  23. Congrats to Chris Liontas joining the "grand" pooh bah club with 1000 posts

  24. Getting close to finishing a French artillery article...

  25. Congrats to RobW on joining the "large" crowd with 1001 posts.

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