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  1. Hello!

    Can you recognize the buttons? Lion or crown? Are you sure he is bavarian?

    The bavrian bravery medal could be received by bavarians. So he would have worn that medal above the Iron Cross.

    If it is the bavarian bravery medal, shouldn´t he have another bavarian medal?

    I assume it´s a medal from another german state, which was worn with the Iron Cross.

    Maybe the military merit medal from Lippe-Detmold?

    Here we´ve got an Unteroffizier of Foot-artillery-bataillon 124

    Please have a look:



    Fußart.Btl. 124 (Unteroffizier, EKII, Lippe-Detmold Militär-Verdienstmedaille mit Schwertern).jpg

  2. Hello!

    His units were:

    12.10.04-18.9.06: Fusilier-Regiment 38, 10th comp.

    14.8.-18.9.08: Manoeuvre in Inf.Rgt.154, 5th. comp.

    11.-24.5.11: Manoeuvre in Inf.Rgt.154, 4th comp.

    14.8.14-10.7.17: Eisenbahn-Hilfs-Bataillon 1, 4th comp. (Railroad-support-bataillon)

    11.7.17: Ersatz-Bataillon, Eisenbahn-Rgt.4

    13.7.17: I.Ersatz-Bataillon, Eisenbahn-Rgt. 4, 3rd comp.

    27.10.17: II.Ersatz-Bataillon, Eisenbahn-Rgt.4, 3rd comp.

    10.12.17: Eisenbahn-Betriebs-Kompagnie 83

    26.12.17: in Eisenbahn-Betriebs-Kompagnie 83 eingetroffen (arrived)

    He received Iron Cross 2nd class April 20, 1917 and the turkish Iftikar medal February 23, 1917.

    The Iftihar Medal was originally written: İftihar Nişanı (Order of Glory).

    But I think, that is wrong, because as far as I know that medal was only awarded to higher turkish officers.

    I can´t believe, a simple soldier from a Railroiad-Support-Bataillon did receive such an ordre!

    In WW1 the following awards were available for military persons:

    Order of the Mejedie (Order of Osmanieh)

    Imtiaz Medal

    Liakat  Medal

    Iron Crescent

    Could you please show the left side of page 12 (under the stamp)


  3. Hello!

    A nice tunic! Thanks for showing!

    Until july 1915 the Train-formatzions had the number of the Train-Bataillon upon the shoulder straps (Garde and 1-21 and 3 bavarians). Since July 21, 1915 they had to wear the numbers of the division. Since April 21, 1917 the unites recieved their own numbers.

    So here we have a Train column of the 89th Inf.Div. (until summer 1915), or if the tunic is from after april 1917 a Train column N°89.

    A Train-column with that number could be a supply column, supply park, depot supply column, remount depot, field bakery column, field butchery column or equal unizs of the lines of communication

  4. Hello!

    The rank Generaloberst was introduced in 1854. From 1854-1911 he had three pips. A Generaloberst mit dem Rang als Generalfeldmarschall had three pips and crossed fieldmarshall´s batons.

    Since 1911 a Generaloberst mit dem Rang eines Generaleldmarschalls had four pips.

    They served in the inner circle of the kings or of the Kaiser. Mostly they were noble, because there was a prussian tradition, that noble officers couldn´t became a Feldmarshall! But this tradition ended in 1871...

    As far as I know, they didn´t wear a fieldmarshall´s baton.

    Even Kaiser Wilhelm I wore these shoulder boards (3 pips and crossed batons)!



  5. Hello Paul!

    It´s a turkish one. But I´m not sure, if it´s a WW1 or a post-war production.

    Here is my one (I´ve been told, it´s a post-war issue):



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