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  1. Hello Daniel!

    The unit in the stamp is:

    Reserve-Landwehr-Bataillon (Altona) N°86.

    Underneath the signature I read: "Prem.Lt. in Inf.Rgt.31" (1st lieutenant in Inf.Rgt.31)

    The Inf.Rgt.31 also was in Altona.

    It doesn´t exist a ranklist 1876, only a combined one for 1876/77.

    There I found in Inf.Rgt.31 a Prem.Lt. BRAMEREL

    I think that fits.

  2. Hello!

    Unfortunateley nothing to help...

    I read:

    His dear Leo in remembrance in finding each other again in Münsterlager near Reims.

    March 15, 1918

    Crécy sue Serre

    Crécy > Reims = ~65km

    Probably he found his friend Leo in Münsterlager and wrote the card in Crécy.

    Münterlager will be a training ground.

    The card was written one week before the  "Great battle of France" (March, 21.)

    Crécy is near Laon. That belonged to the 7th army. But I don´t know what the "J" could be

  3. Hi Daniel!

    I´m not sure, I don´t have the1881 ranklist.

    Staff of 2. Hanseatisches Landwehr_Regiment Nr.76 (1st bataillon Hamburg):

    1879: Bez.Kdr.: Oberstleutnant z.D. v. Restorff ; Adj.: Pr.Lt. Gestefeld ; 2nd Staff officer: Major z.D. v. Borcke

    1883: Bez.Kdr.: Oberstleutnant z.D. v. Restorff ; Adj.: Sec-Lt. v. Hehnitz ; 2nd staff officer: Major z.D. Frhr. v. Ledebur ; 3rd staff officer: Major z.D. Frhr. Treusch v. Buttlar-Brandenfels

    Does someone fit?


  4. Hello!

    There is a "sticky picture album" from "Bulgaria Fahnenbilder", called "Ruhmreiche Fahnen deutscher Geschichte" (published in the 30s)

    You can get it at ebay, if you look at "Ruhmreiche Fahnen deutscher Geschichte"

    But be careful, that the sticky pictures are complete 256 pictures)! Those albums can be found between 20 an 80€.

    Each troop flag is described. But it´s from the 30s, so you can´t see where the flags are today!

    German language!


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