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  1. Hello! I´ve got a book that belonged to Capitaine de Latude from 32nd french Inf.Div. The ranklist of the division says: Capitaine de complément : capitaine de compagnie de Latude https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/32e_division_d'infanterie_(France)#État_Major_de_la_division_au_1er_août_1914[1] What is a Capitaine de complément? Capitaine de compagnie is clear, but from which company? Could it be the old term of reserve officer? Thanks a lot in advance
  2. Yes that´s right. I also heard there were no enlisted men, so the lowest officer ranks had to cook coffee and the food came from outside. It´s right, that there were not a lot enlisted men or NCOs and they worked outside. In the "inner circle" only officers were allowed.
  3. Here we have the "Anhaltspunkte für den Generalstabsdienst", as well as the "Taschenbuch des Generalstabsoffiziers", printed 1914 in the Reichsdruckerei Berlin. Also known as the "Red Donkey". These books were also printed in the 2nd WK, 1939. There are two little books, whereby the paperback book is inserted into an insert at the end of the first book. But only in the case of mobilization! In peace-time they should be kept separate! These books were handed over to officers of the General Staff. They had to be shredded in case of capture and at the end of the war. That's why they also rushed! A collector's friend has an issue and now me too. I have seen neither in the net, nor anywhere else another original one or copy! But there are still some archives where they are located. I only copied the tables of contents once, otherwise it would be too much. In the first book there are even larger folding panels: Annex 1: Structure of the army supply Appendix 2: Illustration of the army supply Appendix 3: Army supply chain between home and operation area. Participating services Appendix 4: Catering supply Annex 5a: Stage medical service Appendix 5b: Supply of medical and veterinary supplies Look at the contents of book number two. I can well imagine that 1914 was "top secret"! I think more than a few dozen have not survived the 100 years! If at all! Both books belong so together. The weapons collector would say, "identical number" (No. 1021) The books belonged to an officer Krüger. Of course, I am not sure, but according to RL 1914 there was a Captain Krüger in the General Staff of the Army at the Large General Staff. He came from Fieldartillery Rgt.23 (later Major a.D.). This is the only one that fits. Here we go:
  4. Hello! I assume it´s the old coloured tunic. In Bavaria the numbers had to be removed November 14, 1916. The bavarian "Friedensrock" was introduced Ovtober 20, 1916 and ALL brandenburg cuffs were replaced by swedish cuffs. Addotionally the bavarian Friedensrock had the Aichinger braid. Here you see a bavarian Friedensrock from bIR16 (or bRIR16):
  5. Oh yes, let´s see them! I´ve got several bavarian ranklists between 1860 and 1903, 1913 and 1918.
  6. Hello! 1913 Major z.D. as Bezirksoffizier in Landwehr-Bezirk Regensburg. Major patent 15.10.02. MHB 1913 mentions also the Jubiläumsmedaille. The Ehrenrangliste lists him in the same duty as 1913, but he became Oberstleutnant a.D. during the war or after armistice.
  7. Hi Andy! A few days ago I bought both parts with the number 1021. These books are the rarest you can stil get today. I will show it, when it arrives next week! I have only heard of volumes from 1914. Those books had to be shredded: 1) In case of capture during the war 2) Ultimately at armistice 11.11.18 That´s why they are so rare!
  8. By the way... Actually I need a map showing the situation in Verdun-West (Malancourt and Avocourt forest) around mid until end of march 1916. Thanks a lot
  9. Hello! No, nothing special at this time. But sometimes I need this or that map and a couple of weeks ago it worked fine.
  10. Hello! Does anyone know, why all maps on this site are no longer visible? Each map is marked: XML invalid https://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr//arkotheque/inventaires/ead_ir_consult.php?fam=11&ref=FRSHD_AFGG_ead Thanks a lot!
  11. Hello! Anyway I don´t believe in a "G". But if it is a "G", could it stand for Garde? Just a guess...
  12. That´ spossible. Around Komotau were parts of Landwehr 9 and Infantry 92
  13. Ah, yes I see. I didn´t recognize it before! So which unit could it be?
  14. Hello! Thank you for those infos, but there ain´t no numbers at the collars. The patches are blank...
  15. Hello Bayern, Nickstrtenk and GreyC! Thanks a lot for your help! Yes, I meant the single circle! Thankx for the explanation! I know, Czech troops had french uniforms, but I wonder about the fourages. Are they french or czech? I also miss the collar numbers
  16. Hello Nickstrenk! Do you know, what the single circle means? The other one is for MG Troops.
  17. Hello! I received this nice detailed photo, but I only know, that one of the arm patches is from the MG-Troops. I wonder about the basence of the collar-numbers, which were worn in that era. The single circle is unknown to me. Has anyone infos about that troop and date, please? Thanks a lot in advance
  18. Hi! No, both collars have the same letter, number, or anything else... What do you think about the ribbons? EKII and ?
  19. Great find, Roman! Again another one, who is not listed in the casualty lists... Klasse Urkunde! Gefällt mir super!!!! Here three fellows from Sturmbataillon 10 (photo taken in Wilna)
  20. Hello Daniel! The unit in the stamp is: Reserve-Landwehr-Bataillon (Altona) N°86. Underneath the signature I read: "Prem.Lt. in Inf.Rgt.31" (1st lieutenant in Inf.Rgt.31) The Inf.Rgt.31 also was in Altona. It doesn´t exist a ranklist 1876, only a combined one for 1876/77. There I found in Inf.Rgt.31 a Prem.Lt. BRAMEREL I think that fits.
  21. Hello! Unfortunateley nothing to help... I read: His dear Leo in remembrance in finding each other again in Münsterlager near Reims. March 15, 1918 Crécy sue Serre Crécy > Reims = ~65km Probably he found his friend Leo in Münsterlager and wrote the card in Crécy. Münterlager will be a training ground. The card was written one week before the "Great battle of France" (March, 21.) Crécy is near Laon. That belonged to the 7th army. But I don´t know what the "J" could be
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