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  1. Thanks Ed. Is there a certain order fot the stars?
  2. Hi Ed, What is the correct order for this bar? Thanks Chris
  3. With this mans name being Kadewere it seems it might be a good chance he was with the 1st battalion Malawi Rifles. They were entitled to the Malaya bar.
  4. Thanks, I checked online and couldn't find KAR in the abbreviation list I found. Would this guy be from one of the African colonies.
  5. I have this World War 2 medalbar. The GSM is named N. 53103 PTE LENNARD KADEWERE KAR. What do the initials KAR stand for? Thank Chris
  6. Thanks for the addition information guys. What happened to him in 1951? Thanks Chris
  7. Ed thanks for the help and info. I got camera batteries so here's the bar, Regards Chris
  8. I have a mounted bar consisting of War Medal, Victory Medal, and WW2 Defence Medal. The WW1 medals are rim marked 142970 SPR. M. BIRCH R.E. Am I correct that R.E. is Royal Engineers and what is SPR. Thanks
  9. Congrats on a beautuful piece. It is also my favorite Imperial German Order. Here's the only one I have. Chris
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