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  1. I bought this ring on a recent trip thinking that it was probably a repro, but a nicely made one. I cleaned it up a bit as it was very tarnished . A friend had a look at it and pointed out that it had a hallmark and manufacturers mark which I had missed as they were very black and small. A bit more cleaning and strong magnification showed a British hallmark, London 1935 and a RR in a shield which I take to be the manufacturer. Can anyone identify this ring ? Many thanks Mike
  2. Thanks, Gordon. I think that they look oldish and well made, so I am going to assume that they are the 'real deal' . Regards Mike
  3. Hi, This is my first post on the forum- so I hope that it works out. I have been going through some old cloth patches , which I believe are Kreigsmarine. Can anyone identify these ? Many thanks Mike
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