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  1. The uniform Viktor wears is the uniform of a "königlichen Kämmerer", I have the document (Bestallung) from Wilhelm II from the year 1898.
  2. I can mail you the scans of the documents and even some infos of viktors life (in german) if you give me your e-mail adress. If you like, you can send it to my adress above and I will reply.
  3. Hello Mr. Ortelli, thanks for your answer. I want to point out, that I don´t want to claim any rights on the medals, that wasn´t my intent writing the message. Maybe it didn´t come through because of my bad english. I was happy to find the pictures of the medals, because I have the originally documents for them. But finally I want to say, if you want to sell the medals one day, please remind my e-mail (baron73@gmx.de). Maybe we can come together. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Stephan von Rheinbaben
  4. Hello, I have found this forum via google. My name is von Rheinbaben and I am the owner of the documents of the medals you own. Viktor was the brother of my grand grand grandfather. I am very interested in contacting the owner of the medals. Regards v. Rheinbaben
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