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  1. "For Merits in the People's Liberation Struggle I, III and III" (За заслуге у народно-ослободилачкој борби I, II и III)
  2. Đorđe Andrejević's sketches Cap badges Badges Partisan Commemorative Decoration
  3. Order of the People's Hero Order of National Liberation, Soviet made type 1 Order of the Partisan Star 1st Class Order of Brotherhood and Unity 1st Class
  4. Flag of the Takovo battalion, Čačak partisan detachment Zbrojevka M37 machine gun belonged to Sanda Milanović
  5. Nikola Pašić wearing the Order of Civil Merit 1st class with badge around his neck.
  6. Weapons of the partisan commanders Mićun Šakić's rifle Jovo Radovanović's submachine gun Slobodan Penezić's gun Petar Leković's submachine gun
  7. M1939 infantry officer's dagger, notice the letter U(staše)
  8. NDH torture equipment and daggers Iron pan in which Ustaše burned eleven months old Evica Poštić from Perna near Vrginmost
  9. German and Italian decorations and visor caps Walther P38, 9mm
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