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  1. As some maybe remember I wasn't watermarking photos at all but one day I saw my images ended up elsewhere so I started using that one central watermark. A few weeks ago I noticed some of my photos ended up in a certain magazine's special issue about Serbian decorations, that's when I decided to use this type of hallmarking, unfortunately. LINK I'll gladly forward you clear photos just let me know which ones to send.
  2. War Cross (Greece) Victory Medal (Czechoslovakia) Military Medal (United Kingdom)
  3. France Legion of Honor 1st Class War Cross Victory Medal WW1 Commemorative Medal
  4. Russia St. George Cross 4th class Order of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Mobilization Medal
  5. Decorations Karađorđe Star with Swords III, IV and Golden Soldiers' Cross Serbian medal bar
  6. One more "Bulgarian-related" Serbian general, future vojvoda, Stepa Stepanović wearing Order for Bravery (2nd class?)
  7. Gift of the people of Toulouse to the 6th regiment of Serbian infantry
  8. My pleasure, there's much more to come Now here's an interesting regimental flag, 2nd cavalry regiment "Tsar Dušan", I ban. There's one more authentic example in Vienna, Museum of Military History bought it on Andreas Thies' auction in 2013.
  9. 7th infantry regiment "King Petar", I ban Morava cavalry division (battalion size cavalry unit, in Serbian divizion), II ban Šumadija cavalry division, II ban Timok cavalry division, II ban 3rd infantry regiment, II ban Danube divisional cavalry regiment, I ban
  10. 3rd supernumerary infantry regiment, I ban 4th supernumerary infantry regiment, I ban
  11. 20th infantry regiment, I ban King's Guard 1st supernumerary infantry regiment, I ban
  12. 15th infantry regiment "Stevan Sinđelić, I ban ??th infantry regiment, I ban
  13. 14th infantry regiment, I ban 16th infantry regiment "Tsar Nikolai II" , I ban
  14. 6th infantry regiment "Prince Aleksandar", I ban 9th infantry regiment "King Milan", II ban
  15. 4th infantry regiment "Stevan Nemanja", I ban 5th infantry regiment "King Milan", I ban
  16. 1st infantry regiment "Miloš the Great", I ban 3rd infantry regiment, I ban
  17. Weapons used on the Macedonian Front M1915 Adrian helmet M1886/93/1915 bayonet Lebel M1890 cavalry carabine Lebel M1907/15M/16 infantry rifle C.S.R.G. M1915 Chauchat light machine gun M1915 handgrenade Lebel M1892 revolver
  18. Commemorative Cross of the 1916–1918 War (Romania) with Dobruja (Dobrogea) clasp and awarding document, belonged to Milan Mirković (Милан Мирковић)
  19. Serbian Volunteer Divisions on Eastern Front M1895 cavalry officer's sabre Bebut M1827/09 cavalry officer's sabre
  20. M1911 regimental flag of the 7th infantry regiment, II ban Soldier's canteen
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