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  1. Hi Jonathan, hope this finds you and yours well at this time, as I hope the rest of the members are safe and well. Hope you are looking after my family sword mate.......perhaps one day you will let me bring it back into the family fold. Well done of the collecting. I am still researching and interested in Neale family and would love to add to the collection. Again keep well, happy researching/collecting. Chris.
  2. Hi Tony, don't know what went wrong with my old membership /login, some information must of got lost in the move....Still up and running again and good to see you are doing well with this interesting topic. Some great images of the period here. Will have a look-see at the other sections for "Neale" info All the best, Chris Neale.
  3. Hi Tony, Just joined this forum again!!! Is it you? Regards, Chris Neale.
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