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  1. A new QSA to 468 Trooper H. E. Burrowes, Bethune's Mounted Infantry Harold Edwin Burrowes (*note spelling) Enlisted on 24/10/1899 served in “E” Squadron, Bethune’s Mounted Infantry. Prisoner of war on 17/07/1900 at “WATERVAL ONDER”, and released on 05/09/1900 at NOOITGEDACHT; discharged on 22/04/1901. (number on medal matches all references on roll, surname missing “e” on medal.) Burrows H E Tpr Prisoner - released at Waterval Onder. 17 Jul 1900. Source: Natal
  2. A most interesting and important WWII PoW group for the collection. A Second War M.B.E. group of six awarded to Captain J. N. White-Abbott, Royal Devon Yeomanry and Royal Artillery, who was Mentioned in Dispatches and was taken Prisoner of War in North Africa in 1942. He was later recognized for his services as Intelligence Officer at prisoner of war camp Oflag 79. The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, M.B.E. (Military) Member’s 2nd type breast badge, silver, privately engraved on reverse of the crown ‘Capt. J. N. White-Abbott R.D.Y.A.; 1939-45 Star; Africa Star; Defense an
  3. Trio to 1191 Pte. J. Riley Rifle Brigade PoW at Oceana Mine on 26 December, 1900. India General Service Medal (1895) clasp Punjab Frontier 1897-98: 1191 Pte J Riley 3rd Bn Rif Bde Queen’s South Africa Medal with CC, TH, RL, Tr, LN and OFS : 1191 Pte J Riley Rifle Brigade King’s South Africa Medal with SA 1901 & SA 1902: 1191 Pte J Riley Rifle Brigade Medal roll entries confirm all medals and clasps and that he was taken Prisoner of war at the Oceana Mine near Grootvlei, 26th December 1900. Riley was released from captivity 30th December 1900, and went on to serve i
  4. Merseyside Far Eastern ex-prisoner of war association badge A scarce original post war period 'The Merseyside Far Eastern Ex-prisoner of War Association" badge, gilded brass with blue enamel title surround, the centre depicting a highly coloured rural scene consisting of a pagoda style building and liver bird in the foreground resting on a Japanese flag. The reverse is impressed with maker's details 'H.W.Miller Ltd Branston St. B'Ham.18' (a pattern used up to 1958). The diameter is 25mm.
  5. Another PoW QSA for Reddersburg 4 April 1900. This one is named to 1750 Pte. T Simpson who is listed as 1750 "J" Simpson on the Medal Roll. He served with the 2nd Battalion. He was later released and subsequently invalided to England. The QSA and clasps are confirmed on WO 100/169. Mostert's Hoek was a farm in the Orange Free State (Reddersburg district; Free State), six km east of Reddersburg*. Three companies of the 2nd The Royal Irish Rifles (424 men) and two companies of mounted infantry, which were men in the Northumberland Fusiliers. (167 men, Capt W.P. Dimsdale, R
  6. Thank you very much! I look forward to reading it. Are you interested in Korean War medals?
  7. ABO officially named to: Burger J.M. Pretorius. There are three J.M. Pretorius on the rolls, and at least two were PoWs who were in Ceylon and contracted measles. Possibly , Johannes Mattheus, aged 17, captured on 30 July 1900 at Fouriesberg / Surrender Hill, and prisoner of war in Ceylon. Surrender Hill Declared a South African National Monument in 1986, Surrender Hill is a reminder of the defeat the Boers (comprising of the combined forces of the South African Republic and the Republic of the Orange Free State) suffered against Great Britain and her empires during the Anglo-Bo
  8. Pair: QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL 1899 four clasps "Relief of Kimberley, Paardeberg, Driefontein & Transvaal", engraved to 5542. Pte. H. Jerome 1/Oxfd. L.I. KSA two clasp impressed to 5542 Pte H. Jerome Oxford: L.I. Medals and clasps confirmed stating “prisoner-released on 20th April 1902 at Schotland West”. Henry Jerome was born in 1878 in St. Lukes, London. He enlisted on 28 September 1897 when he was 19 years and three months old. He was 5'4" tall and weighed 115 lbs. with brown eyes and dark brown hair. He was also C of E. He was discharged on 27 September 1909 after having served
  9. A new QSA to 4081 Pte. W.P. Wilson, Kitchner's Horse who was MIA, captured and later released at Pretoria on 27 May 1900. QSA has five confirmed clasps: CC, OFS, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill and SA01 and has the original ribbon. History of Kitchner's Horse In the dispatch of 6th February 1900 Lord Roberts, after referring to the organization of the Colonial Division under Brigadier General Brabant, said: "Two other regiments, designated, at the particular request of the members, Roberts' Horse and Kitchener's Horse, have also been formed, chiefly from men who have found their way
  10. Queen’s South Africa Medal, 4 bars, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Belfast, SA 1901, Tpr J. Roux, French’s Scouts. Taken prisoner and released at Bethesda on 10/08/1901. Entitlement confirmed on the roll, an unusual combination with Belfast bar. Johannes (John) Roux served as a Scout with French’s Scouts. He joined the unit on 3rd May 1900 from the District Mounted Rifles (No. 786; WO127), and was discharged at Fort Peddie on 1 December 1901. During the war he was taken as a prisoner of war and was released near Bethesda Road on 10 August 1901. (Source: South African Field Forc
  11. I recently came across another lonely BWM, sadly without its suspension officially named to 3141 Pte. S. J. Stansbey. 21-London R. A PoW, captured in Hong Kong and buried in Stanley Cemetery. Having visited the cemetery a few times, it is an important part of the collection. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of Stansbey's Victory Medal, please contact me. Sydney John Cleave Stanesby was born ca. 1894/5 in Wandsworth, London. In the 1911 census, he lived at 6 Quarry Rd., Wandsworth Common SW. He was 16 at the time, single and a clerk. His father was Sydney Ernest (45); mother G
  12. Great News. The reunited trio of 930 Pte. M. Whitaker. (See above for more info on Whitaker and his Cape of Good Hope Medal). 930 Pte. M Whitaker served with the Cape Police District 1 and received his Cape of Good Hope medal to him as a private, but his KSA as a corporal. He was captured and held as a PoW and later released on 6 June 1900 at Waterval.
  13. I recently came across a lonely BWM that is missing its partner Victory Medal. It is officially named to: Lieut. R.E. White RAF. Please contact if you know the whereabouts of Lt. White's Victory Medal. At first, it may not seem like anything special, but... Roger Eldridge White was an American Volunteer in the RAF and was shot down and captured on 17/7/1918 while flying with 19 Squadron. He was a PoW at Karlsruhe until until liberated and finally repatriated on 5/12/1918. There were not many Americans flying in the RAF and very few if any others who were PoWs. This is a
  14. Haven't added much, but now have some new Franco-Prussian War groups that I'll add.
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