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  1. This is a good original cap and badge for the South African Military Intelligence Division from the 1960s - 70s. The braid indicates that the wearer was a Major.
  2. Hello Tony. Many thanks for this info It is much appreciated. Apologies for not replying sooner. Have been away for a bit. Regards. Dudley
  3. I recently acquired a WW1 Trio and some documents to 10014 Pte Frederick Stockham, Father in Law of my next door neighbour. I am trying to find out more about him as he appears to have been a PoW, possibly in Russia. Have attached one of the documents. I also have a copy of the letter signed by King George V, welcoming him home after PoW release. Can anybody please help with some info on him? Much appreciated. Dudley
  4. I build badge cards of all the insignia I have in the collection. This may be of use.
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