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  1. Paul, Look at photo #1 to see unit. Most of the stuff they have is reproduction. The foot locker is original, but restored. Dean
  2. Auseklis, They said it was a cushman, but they did not know the model. I have never seen one and thought it was unique. Thank you for the information. Dean
  3. Mervyn, I think the guy in the first pic was at the just to educate, I don't think he is part of re-enacting group. I did not ask him what unit he was representing, but he did say he collected British WWII items. I was hoping other members could ID his unit. Other groups at the show such as the Germans, Italians and US re-enactors represented actual units. I know the German and US units have their own "war games" and have a mock battle at the annual D-Day recreation next month. There some people that buy vehicles and equipment that they think is neat and then just want to show it off. Dean
  4. Paul, This was an air show in Willoughby, Ohio. It is labeled as an air show, but there is much more. This is the website for the air show http://www.usam.us/ There are kids rides, re-enactors, rides on a B-17 and B-25 bomber, antique car show, its a really nice set-up. Dean
  5. Paul, This all I have tonight. I will be going back tomorrow and can get better pics of the medical display. Dean
  6. Hello to everyone, I attended an air show today and took some photos of the German re-enactors. Hope you like them. Dean
  7. Hello to everyone, I took a photo of two Italian re-enactors that were at an air show I attended today. Hope you like it. Dean
  8. Hello to everyone, I attended an air show today and took some pics of the British re-enactors. Hope you like them. Dean
  9. Hello to everyone, I saw this today at an air show I attended. I was told it was a WWII US military scooter. Has anyone seen one like this? Dean
  10. Hello to everyone, Tom Yanacek helped me restore this one. Thanks Tom Dean
  11. Rick, Thank you for at least looking at it. I will try to get a back pic of this bar and post it. I agree that after 130 years with hook medal bars that things can get replaced or changed, but it looked good to me at the show. Paul R, thanks for comment, I still think this a great bar. Dean
  12. Hey Rick, I picked this bar up in the past year and wanted you to take a look at it Thank you Dean
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