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  1. Hello, Would you please help me to ID this cavalry sword. My initial thought was this is Spanish or Dutch piece but my search has not returned any hits. Many thanks
  2. Gentlemen, would you please either confirm or disprove my suspicions as to these two Chinese medals. I believe these are the fantasy pieces.
  3. Thank you very much for providing a very accurate and well supported answer to my question.
  4. Hello gents, I would be grateful for any help in identifying the purpose of this small commemorative silver plate/fob. It seems Mr. F. Evans served in this Belgian regiment in 1914 but how this thing was actually used given the attached chain? The inscription reads 1 Reg: De Lugne, Evans F. Bruxelles. 1914 The total size is 5 cm with 15 cm long chain. Reverse side with chain.
  5. Would you help me to decide whether this is a good piece or a fake? My concerns are: 1) The centrepiece does not seem to be made of gold but I may be wrong here 2) It is rather light for a piece of silver of 6 cm in diameter - this is subjective of course. 3) The cresent and star are made of yellow metal without any traces of red enamel. Extra images
  6. I will check the variations I have already got and get back to you if these are missing in my collection.
  7. Would you please help to ID this dagger and decipher the meaning of engraving on its handle? I gather it may have relation to RAF Third Tactical Air Force stationed in South East Asia during WWII. The knife may have been acquired / handmade locally by a RAF member while on leave at rest camp in Darjeeling, West Bengal. What "87466992. Lac. Corke" may stand for?
  8. Would you please PM me the prices for what is on sale. I may be interested in the Orders of Red Labour Banner and Red Combat Banner. Is Red Star 233588 (Heel type) available as well? Tnx
  9. Yes, these badges were awarded to the lower ranks of Red/Soviet Army only. The first badges were introduced in May 1942 as alternative military awards to the Soviet decoration system. There are 23 badges in total, two of which (rifleman and excellence in aviation) were constituted after the end of WWII. The numerous variations, produced both during and post war. All are discontinued in 1957. General information on the badges (Chrome is able to translate the page into English): https://medalww.ru/nagrady-sssr/nagrudnye-znaki-sssr/znaki-otlichnikov/ The variations are shown here:
  10. It has nothing to do with the Imperial Russia for sure.
  11. Please let me know, if you get hold of other badges of this kind. I am collecting them, both war and post war manufactured variations.
  12. Hello, Is Excellent Fireman still on sale? What other badges from this series you have got available?
  13. Probably they are right, this kind of badges isn't my cup of tea. Though, what did they say about the enamels?
  14. I don't like it. This is a rare badge which is widely faked. Check the size, it should be 54x43 mm. Check here at the bottom http://www.sovietznak.ru/badge/398 I see difference between these two while they seem to be of the same type. Also note that enamels have been re-laid with the factory chimney and smoke covered. I don't like the engraving either, it does not look fluent enough and the "N" sign is non-typical.
  15. From £150 and up. This is WWII period order so it should be somewhat more expensive than post-war orders awarded for service .
  16. Original without a doubt. Too common and cheap to be faked.
  17. Thank you very much for this information. I will write Damir right now.
  18. You probably need his name spelled in Russian as well in case you do some search through Russian reference sites. Леднев Борис Семенович (surname, name, patronimic)
  19. I have seen such a great variaty of Gallipoli Stars with various types of tugra, pins, catches, hinges, riverts and even rings by now that I really don't know what I should be able to notice looking at the needle system and tugra as there is no such thing as the "correct" types of a needle or tugra Are these medals systematized anywhere so that a collector can rely on the description of the correct types of them? I posted this medal on a few militaria forums and in each forum were people with pro and contra opinions. The problem is that those who believe the star is a fake provide l
  20. HSU #1 was awarded to Lyapidevsky - one of the pilots from Cheluskin rescuing mission. His awards are in the State Historical Museum, Moscow which invites a lot of questions on the item shown.
  21. I will try to make some extra photos tonight. Patina does not raise any of my concerns and seem quite natural. I say so because I have some experience in applying patinating ointments to the silver.
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