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    Meritorious Service Medal to RFC Sgt

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    I don't know if anyone can help with this, but my grandfather was in the Royal Flying Corp from 1915 until about 1918 / 1919 - by which time it was then the Royal Air Force. He is listed in the Supplement to the London Gazette, 3 June 1919, as being awarded a Meritorious Service Medal.

    What is a Meritorious Service Medal and how would someone during this period have earned one ?

    Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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    The Royal Air Force (RAF) MSM was introduced in June 1918. Made of silver, and 36 millimetres in diameter the medal has the profile of the sovereign on the obverse and the reverse side has a crown and wreath around the words "For Meritorious Service".

    The recipient's details are shown on the medal's rim. The medal's ribbon is crimson and light blue, with white stripes at both edges and down the centre. You should thereofre find his service number, which would allow more research to take place.

    The medal was intended to recognise service on the ground. It was replaced by the BEM in 1928. I have no idea how many were awarded, nice little medal group I should think.


    Matt Gibbs

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