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    740th Tank Battalion "Daredevils" Armor Group

    Steve K.

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    American Armor history is something that has been my focus for years. Here is a set I found with the original owner, a 740th Tank Battalion uniform set consisting of an Ike jacket, shirt, and cap plus other smaller items.

    The 740th Tank Battalion had the distinct pleasure of employing one of the U.S. Army?s latest tactics tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds which was the use of large arc lamps mounted on the front of tanks or on light trucks that would accompany the tanks into battle at dusk. The lights were used to blind the enemy and allow our tanks to see the targets better during the attack. Unconventional tactics to say the least. While it seemed like a good idea on paper, in practice I think they found that it wasn't such a grand idea and I believe the tactic was never employed in battle.

    The 740th Tank Battalion was known as the ?Daredevils? which is seen under the unit patch in silk. Silk patches are rare on WW2 jackets, especially with the battalion level tab. The ?740' is chain stitched on the armor patch. The group also came with a nice wool shirt with an armor patch that had the ?740' hand stitched. There was also a nice armor piped garrison cap with a silk 740th Tank Battalion mini patch. Many other items came with the set, which unfortunately I had to sell but I put some pictures up with the new owner's permission because it's such a rare set.

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    Happily the set above went to a 740th Tankers son. After getting it and checking with the 740th Veteran's association, he was told that it was only the 5th one they know to still exist, so they are fairly rare (and it went on Ebay last year for a heafty sum). I'll post more pics of the hand stitched 740 patch and close up of the tiny armor triangle on the cap.



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