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  1. Thank you Sir. I thought as much but had not heard that term used before. If this is a fake, it is very good.
  2. Very nice. I've not seen these before.
  3. WOW........ After all this time this thread is still great!!
  4. Still love seeing this one. Beautiful.
  5. Darrell, You still out there??
  6. I saw that one of his PH's he returned to the family (with press coverage of course) was sold on Ebay about two months later. He just doesn't get it.
  7. I believe so. My Mother-In-Law mentioned his being decorated and the time frame is right. He is currently in Afganistan (again) only now I believe he is attached to the 101st AB.
  8. Just catching up on many old threads. Wanted to say this is a very nice, and well researched heart. Congrats.
  9. Interesting. My Brother-In-Law was a Night Stalker at that time.
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