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  1. Thank you Sir. I thought as much but had not heard that term used before. If this is a fake, it is very good.
  2. WOW........ After all this time this thread is still great!!
  3. I saw that one of his PH's he returned to the family (with press coverage of course) was sold on Ebay about two months later. He just doesn't get it.
  4. I believe so. My Mother-In-Law mentioned his being decorated and the time frame is right. He is currently in Afganistan (again) only now I believe he is attached to the 101st AB.
  5. Just catching up on many old threads. Wanted to say this is a very nice, and well researched heart. Congrats.
  6. Interesting. My Brother-In-Law was a Night Stalker at that time.
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