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    The bar is a recent pick up from the Thies auction. Per the opinion of fellow forum members the missing medal for the EK ribbon is the HOH3X. Under this assumption the closest match is Bobsien. The awards that are listed in the 1918 Navy RL are HOH3X EK1 HH MMV2. The RL does not listed the Centennial, SWA or DA. A fellow forum member was kind enough to send me the bio of Bobsien. I have 2 questions the if answered positive will help confirm the ID, I think.

    1. Was Bobsien eligable for the Centennial medal?

    2. From his Bio should he have received the SWA medal.

    Since he retired in 1926 what were his awards after the war and before retirement? I know he would have recieved the DA 25 year long service. The fact that he died in 1934 and that the bar does not have a Hindenburg also helps the ID.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Nope, he joined TWELVE DAYS too late for the Centenary, which required being IN military service ON 22 March 1897, the centennial DAY, unless being granted for 19th century wars to old veterans.

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