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    Hi guys,

    This was once posted on the WAF, with little or no deliberation.....no one could decide in the two or three posts dedicated to it, if it were real or not.

    The pin and hinge do not prescribe to this maker, nor does it affiliate with known fakes to my knolwedge, for two years I've searched the fakes of these badges and can't find a similar one..oringinal or fake to that matter ? blush.gif

    I'm not botherd entirely if it's deduced original or not, I would like informed comments on it though, if it is fake all the more better for our hobby and one to be aware of, if genuine, or supported in though to perhaps be.......all the more better for me of course laugh.gif She can take her place in the collection proper.

    It's a heavy old thing, and can only deduce it's metal as brass, the pin I don't think so, as I'm sure I can see a base metal under the gilt colour.

    Weight, I've neglected to measure if thats a matter.

    Any comments or thoughts very welcome and thank you for looking.



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