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  1. As indeed Oli and Trevor have mentioned, this is one of several guises this postwar (in my opinion) packet has adorned. There are slight variations in more modern made emulations of these fakes (fake of fake, but the designation lettering of such as the EK2, Spangen and KVM are of this type shown. The TDB, HSF and U-Boat packets share a smaller Fraktur script on these blue packets, and also such can be found on orange fake packets for such like as the Flight Clasp's to the Spanish Cross. There are also two Eastern Front medal packets, too. One has the lettering as the Spange packet above and the other has a more Latin style of lettering which resembles one of the genuine counterparts. KR Marcus
  2. Hi Guys, Can anyone point me in the right direction as how to discern good from bad on the double scroll cap badge please. Kr Marcus
  3. Hi Micha, I love the screwback !!!!!! I think Michel has a pinback that was awarded to a U-Boot officer, his example has the 'hooked' seven in the Ldo number. Where as ours don't. It would be nice to compare ours to his in fact. This is mine:
  4. Hi Snoopy, Well, I've just read on the net that they do indeed have oil filled campasses !!!! I never knew that, it's an aid in needle dampening. Some of the survival compasses are oil filled too. I don't know about aircraft instrument collecting either, I fly them for a job and have a limited knowledge on some instruments, but thats it really. So oil it may well be in this instance and in very nice condition by the looks too. Sorry top have mislead in my first post. Kr Marcus
  5. Hey Snoopy, It's not oil based, the compass card will be suspended in a mineral or alcohol based liquid in a bowl, with a means of trailing wires to dampen or act as a brakeing system and with magnets to reduce the moment of inertia (which keeps mass to a minimum)....it's a clever simple little thing that stops the card and helps it to settle down after a turn and to not spin like a top and hunt for north at an inertial rate. Not many people know this, but inside these you should have a sapphire cup, on which a iridium tipped pivot balances......buy them all up now for the jewel's It's about 4/5's still full of fluid I guess. Oil filled ? I've never heard of that. I'd have thought the viscosity of the oil would have caused too much resistance - can you show a picture of it please.
  6. A Direct Reading Compass from a Me 109E, the date of manufacture is October 1939. Ths was aquired from an ex RAF Transport guy who recovered the crashed aeroplane during the Battle of Britain era - like a fool I never enquired exactly where from !!
  7. Nice one Rich, attributed crosses are few and far between. Do you know where the paper work lives to date Rich ? Kr Marcus
  8. Always hard to find in good condition these CW EK1's, for some reason they always seem to have suffered over the years for the most I've seen. Mines not perfect by any means, so Jan Arne so far yours is one of the better ones I've seen. Heres mine with the outer carton too !!
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