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    I am researching a frack bar with a blue back and the following awards on it from right to left: HOH3X, 1914 EK2, 1914 MMV2, RAO4, DA, Centennial, MG3KR. I have the follow three suspects:

    Bronsart v.Schellendorff, Walter Siegfr., 14 M GSB, M JgR 2, char.OaD

    awards: plm, RAO4, HOH3X, Cent, MG3Kr, MMV1, NN5

    Gans Edler Herr zu Putlitz, Frhr., 14 H Adj IFA, M FAR 60

    awards: RAO4, HOH3X, Cent, MG3Kr, MMV1

    Gra?mann, 14 H FR 90, M RIR 202, OaD RH

    awards: RAO4, HOH3X, Cent, MG3Kr, MMV1

    Although the EK is not listed in my source I am sure each received the awards. Does anyone have any pictures of these men wearing their awards?

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