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    Michael Wittmann Decorations

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    I'm trying to compose a list of all the decoration Michael Wittmann receive and the exact dates that there were awarded, here what I have so far:

    13/03/38 Awarded Austria reunification medal

    01/10/38 Awarded Sudetenland medal

    12/07/41 Awarded Iron Cross 2nd Class

    20/08/41 Awarded Wound Badge in Black

    08/09/41 Awarded Iron Cross First Class

    21/11/41 Awarded Tank Assault Badge in Silver

    14/01/44 Awarded the Knight's Cross

    30/01/44 Awarded the Oakleaves

    22/06/44 Awarded the Swords

    He also receive the Royal Bulgarian Soldiers Cross of the Order of Bravery 2nd Class and the ost-front medal in Aug. 1942, however I don't know the exact date.

    Also sine he join the SS at 01/04/37 he was qualified to the SS long service medal for 4 years at 01/04/41, however I don't know if this medal was awarded automaticly at the exact date or was it delay for some reasons (like being in combat situations, approval by commander, etc.).

    I also wasn't able to find if he was awarded the Prague bar to the Sudetenland medal, as the LSSAH also took part in the annexation of Czechoslovakia (he receive the Sudetenland medal when he, as part of the LSSAH enter the Sudetenland).

    Any addition information and correction you could provide would be welcome.

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