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    Skin decontamination dabs

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    Here is another medical item I just found. It is a tin for holding issued gas decontamination kit. Just as the moden soldier needs his, the WW1 German soldier needed a decontamination kit. This little piece measures just 74mm by 47mm and is 12 mm thick. This may be a little rough, but how many have you seen? The title on the lid reads "Dabs for skin decontamination" and shows it was manufactured by the "Main Sanitary Depot in Berlin".


    IPB Image

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    The label has instructions for use.

    "Dabs for skin decontamination

    1 Use dabs with your uniform on and also several times with clothing off (do not smear)

    2 Once dabs become poisoned use new ones.

    3 After use destroy dabs(if possible burn)

    4 Treat poisoned dabs cafefully to prevent injury .

    Smelling means (Breakable Ampule)

    For nose and throat exposure (by blue cross agents).

    1 Break tube in the center

    2 Hold by the nose and deeply inhale contents"

    I told you it was neat.


    IPB Image

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