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    1. Hoss. Nice collection. I have a one off enameled version with reversed colors . Blue on the outside and feldgrau inside . I figure it is a Monday morning or Friday afternoon screw up. Dan Murphy
    2. Naxos, This appears to be a homemade medal bar done by the soldier himself. I have seen these occasionally before and own a rather well done. Also I have a EK2 ribbon bar made by wrapping the ribbon around wooden base and would have been sewn on. Not regulation but it was done by the poorer vets. Dan
    3. Mark, I cannot say that I have ever seen a field gray painted sled that had it's original paint. Most of these sleds were reworked over the years and painted field gray at this time. Most of the original condition sleds I have seen have are missing their paint. My sled still had about 60 percent of it's original paint and that was a faded battleship gray! The only paint visible under that was red primer! The Durkopp makers plates were rivited to the side panels and showed no signs of having been painted over. Even my original flash shield for the booster has the same color original paint of what paint remains. If I were you, I would go with that. Dan
    4. Mark, I cannot say for sure, but my sled was dated 1917 and had the canvas covered pads.My pads are also worn and torn,butI would only recover them if (1) you use your weapon quite often or (2) if they are so bad as to risk the horsehair pads being lost. Most people want to restore these mounts. I say if it still has the original paint and pads in any reasonable condition, leave it alone.A sled in reasonable original condition will aways be worth more than a restored one. I have had many people tell me that I should restore mine, but it has a great "been there" condition and it is never gonna happen. Dan
    5. Chris, I found the badge it is a Meybauer style hollow silver badge with the puffy crown. The pin on the reverse is nothing like that on the crosses but the only marking is this asterisk-like star on the pin.iam unable to get a good photo at this time. Maybe I will be able at some point to figure out how to send a digital camera photo to my pda where I can post it,but right now I can't. It could very well be that the star mark was that of a retailer, not a maker.that would explain the mark being on only a few pieces.Sorry, Dan
    6. Micha, I recall seeing this "star" mark on a prussian pilots badge in my collection.I will have to do some digging and find out if I can find it for a photo. Btw, Ialso have one of the first pattern blued ek1's marked "Silber". Dan Murphy
    7. Chinamedal, Nice cross.but I would love to see more of the plaque it was mounted on.Is that part of a propeller? Dan Murphy
    8. I have seen a couple of these aviation tinnies,of various types, over the years and had the chance to pick this one up today. Same seller as the Schlesien Adler. The front was cleaned, but there is still some original paint on the reverse. Forgive me, this is my first imperial purchase in months and had to show it off. Size is 48x29mm. Dan
    9. Reverse has a repair to the catch. The hinge appears to be in an odd place, they had to cut it down to fit the shape. It is a hinge as appears on 20's made EK's so it is period, but could it be a replacement?
    10. I have been watching you all post your eagles and I have wanted one for years. I have had chances to buy the iron/ base metal issue versions several times, but never really liked quality of the ones I saw. I only wanted one and if it is enameled all the better. I went to a small show today and after wandering down aisle after aisle of AR15's, air soft guns and beef jerky sellers, I thought I was going home empty. I got near the end of the last row and a seller had this. We worked out a deal because he hadn't sold much and this came home with me for a pittance. Still it emptied my wallet, but it was worth it. from your other post's it would appear to be a 1940's Schickle. This is the only convex one I have seen, is this common? Some of yours looked like they may be like this as well. Or is it just the lighting? Dan
    11. Not to get into politics, but it seems that way for most nations and wars for the 20th Century. Once the soldier has done his bit and paid for it with a debilitating wound (or an arm or leg), the government no longer needs them and just casts them aside. Look at the bonus marchers (WW1 vets) in the US who camped out in Washington in the 30's. They were dispersed with a cavalry charge. Sorry to get off topic but this angers me to no end. Dan
    12. Good lord, that is unreal. The colors are different, but the effect is the same. That even looks like a WW2 anorak with the hood and the pocket in front. Kind of like when the US came out with the "Fritz" Kevlar helmet in the 80's. People thought they were crazy. But I guess a good design is a good design no matter who last used it. I wonder what the Russian WW2 vets think when they see it? Dan
    13. I'm very sorry to hear this. May they all rest in eternal peace. This has made me wonder, what does the German government for the family in this case? Is there a '57 gold wound badge given to the next of kin? What is awarded when a German soldier distinguishes himself in combat these days? Dan
    14. Chris, Yes the site is a big help for collectors on such a little known subject. Thanks. There is remains of the dark blue piping in all of the correct seams, but the moths got to the uniform before I did. They really did a job on the piping. I purchased it from Great War Militaria and they offered to repipe it for me by hand, if I desired. I decided not to mess with it. I cannot explain the use of plain buttons, but as far as I can tell they are original to it and were on it when purchased. The buttons are brass backed with brass loop and were made by a maker in Potsdam. The one brass button is an obvious replacement. Rick and Chip, The boards on this are identical to those shown (in the 3rd photo down on the left) on this web page. They are definitely officers boards with silver bullion, not enlisted white cord. Perhaps your boards are z.D or a.D boards. http://www.sacktrick.com/igu/germancolonia...ialinsignia.htm
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