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    Explanation on origin of decorations

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    Hello Gentlemen,

    I am confused on the origin of the decorations below, which are English, what they are South African and which of the Commonwhealt ??

    Africa Star

    General Service Medal

    Italy Star

    France and Germany Star

    Defence Medal 1939-1945

    War Medal 1939-1945

    1914-1915 Medal

    Africa Service Medal

    Boer War Medal

    Albert Medal

    Order of Merit

    Thx in advance



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    I'd suggest a good reference book. British Battles and Medals or even Medal Yearbook.

    All are British medals and were awarded throughout the "Commonwealth" and Empire, including in South Africa. (Your distinctions/categories are part of the confusion?)

    The only award in yoiur list that was restricted to South Africa is the Africa Service Medal which was awarded to South Africans for WWII service (similar to other medals for Canadians, Indians, Australians, New Zealanders, etc.); this was, in large part, due to the restrictive award conditions that accompanied the Defence Medal which was, in essence, a "Defence of Britain Medal".

    There is some interesting confusion over the "Order of Merit" award. Until 1902, it was one award but when a new award of the same name was mistakenly created, the older award had to be renamed the "Indian Order of Merit".

    Your "Boer War Medal" can be any one of several things, the two British or the two South African Boer campaign awards.

    Many of these, by the way, are shown in various threads on this forum, so you might think about looking around.

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