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    what document this is?


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    Saishaaliin Unemleh.

    (Saishaal)-iin -САЙШААЛ -(in russian) одобрение, похвала; (in english) Praise. approval, merit, act of expressing approval or admiration; commendation; laudation.

    (unemlekh) - YНЭМЛЭХ - (in russian) удостоверение, свидетельство, пропуск; (in english) attestation, certification, card, certificate


    I would translate it as - CERTIFICATE OF MERIT ( maybe HONOUR)

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    Second foto is about reason

    1-line- Uburkhangai province, Hujirt soum ( soum-administrative unit)

    2-line- job- building construction something???

    3-line- father's name

    4-line- Lui _dee- ??? ( seems like chinese name)

    5-line- since 1955 till 1960

    6-line- year's 15 of June

    7-8-9-10-line - continiusly worked, always done his quote or normal planned work. For his efficient work performance, the person awarded by this certificate and + some goods.

    by Hujirt Artel Commitee

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