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    Swedish Civil Defence medals

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    Just posted this pic on Swedish forum and thought you might like it here too ;) In my opinion it's one of the most attractive Swedish awards.

    Full name is "Civilf?rsvarsf?rbundets f?rtj?nsttecken", The Civil Defence Union's badge of Merit. As you can see it comes in three classes: gold, silver and bronze. I have just one with ladies bow. But I'm working on it... :cheeky:


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    Guest Rick Research

    Indeed! EXCEPTIONAL design these days of bland same-same. If it was not for the triple crown motif, I'd have no clue where these came from! :Cat-Scratch:

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    Christophe, here is the forum:


    If it's against any rules posting it here just remove it. Then send me a PM... By the way, "Utm?rkelser" is Swedish for Awards. If you need more translation help just ask. Perhaps the nice moderator on the soviet section there will help you... :cool:

    Rick, they are issued like this today but designed in 1941. Perhaps this is the explanation why they don't have the normal look: Front: Current king in profile; Back: Your organisation of choice.


    I'll dig for some more to show. But I'm not sure if I have much more military related of interesst.... Will get back on this.

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