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  1. Excellent pics!! Thanks for sharing them!! Cheers. Ch.
  2. Looking at the pics posted by JapanX and myself, I'm wondering whether they have changed the attachment system, "stabilised" with a kind of long needle... Ch.
  3. And here, awarded to a cavalier of the Soviet Order of Labour Glory. Cheers. Ch. Pic: Kremlin.ru
  4. Hi, Here is a new good pic of this Title awarded by Vladimir Putin on 1st May 2014. Cheers. Ch.
  5. Very sad news. A great loss for our community. RIP, Rick.
  6. Hi Kim, Still planning my trip... Nothing finalised. Thanks so much for your tips!! Will let you know what I do!! Cheers; Ch.
  7. Hi Christer, Thanks!! Will look at it... Cheers. Ch.
  8. Hi Michael and Kim, Thanks for your answers!! What a pity the Museum of Danish Resistance burnt this year... I did not notice this. About Sweden, my program is not finalised yet. So, Kim, feel free to add suggestions, if any... Thanks again and cheers. Ch.
  9. Hi, I have seen mentions on WWI memorials in France. Far from systematic, and rather scarce, btu I rememeber having seen some. Cheers. Ch.
  10. Hi to All, Would you know where to see or find awards (orders & medals) in Denmark and South of Sweden (Göteborg, Malmö...) ? I'm interested in museums, flea markets, dealers' adresses, etc... Any good address to recommand ? In advance, many thanks. Cheers. Ch.
  11. When all these "disappeared", Izmaïlovo was a very small flea market. These orders were all sent out of Russia... Ch.
  12. A mix of real and "copies" ones. Still in a Museum... Ch. Pic : © Christophe – ChR Collection
  13. Some "museum" copies... Ch. Pic : © Christophe – ChR Collection
  14. Chris, Stupid!!! You can even see the traces of the knives!!! Cheers. Ch.
  15. Hehe, Let's be clear: these theater awards, you can find them almost every week at Izmaïlovo Market in North of Moscow. The Museum copies are of far most better quality, indeed. I have dozens of pics of these, from major museums of Moscow or other USSR cities. Will post some of them later... Cheers. Ch.
  16. Nick, Will come back to your later (just have to put hand on the pics). I have seen (and handed different levels of quality). Cheers. Ch.
  17. Hi Nick (JapanX), Very interesting serie of awards and pics. I can usually see two levels of quality in these "copies" of awards: 1. Very simple and crudely made awards, very light in aluminium or "plastic", apparently made for theater, movies... 2. Those of high quality, similar to the ones you posted. I have one question: are these nicely made "copies" those made for official use only ? I mean by "official use": museums, exhibitions... What do you (and others) think ? Cheers. Ch.
  18. In your opinion, what are these medals ? Couldn't they be local / regional ones, like in some countries (opposed to national ones) ? Cheers. Ch.
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